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To access the Download Station you are required to:
Register with Planet Auran
Register your Trainz Serial Number




Welcome to the Trainz Download Station. Here you will find a huge amount of additional content available for download for your enjoyment.

Please follow these steps for quick and easy downloading:

Download Speed and Access Top
  • Download Access:
    You can access the Download Station when you have registered a serial number with your Planet Auran profile for a supported versions of Trainz or have an active First Class Ticket (View Tickets).

    The steadily growing Trainz community combined with the enormous amount of custom content available, the download servers bandwidth and number of connections are caped which means we cannot always guarantee immediate access to download content. With the First Class Ticket premium access service, you will receive better access.

  • First Class Ticket:
    First Class Ticket In order to maintain a quality service, we offer a "First Class Ticket" service - a premium access service for access to the Download Station.

    FTP Access Graph First Class Ticket accounts will receive better access, as well as faster download times. To view current download rates click on the graph displayed to the right. Download rates may vary from graph due to internet traffic and location.

    To buy a First Class ticket click below:

Download Requirements Top
  • Registered with Planet Auran

  • Register your Trainz serial number in your Planet Auran profile (the number found on the inside of your retail box or DVD case)

    Note: You will only be able to download content from the same or earlier versions of Trainz that you have registered.

  • Enter your Planet Auran Username and Password information in the Trainz Configuration Menu on your Trainz Launcher.

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