Updated Rebuilt Merchant Navy

Date: 18th Sep 2006
Created By: LieLestoSbrat
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Pack Description:
A detailed manual for this locomotive can be found at www.LestoRouteWorks.co.uk

After trials of Rebuilt Merchant Navy 35018 British India Line proved succesfull, it was deceided that all 30 of the Merchant Navy locos would be rebuilt and given a resemblance to the BR Standard classes. All 30 of the locomotive where rebuilt between 1956 and 1959, the locomotives would stay in this condition until thier withdrawl in 1964. It is rather interesting to note that the original locomotive withdrawl date was in
Pack Contains:
  • RBMNtender (TRS2004) HTML-Asset [Detailed]
  • RBMNLoco (TRS2004) HTML-Asset [Detailed]
  • RB_Merchant_Navy_Rear (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • RB_Merchant_Navy_Main (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • RB_Merchant_Navy_Front (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • MN_Tender_Bogey (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • SR MN Screwlink Uncoupled (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • SR MN Screwlink Coupled (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • SR MN Vacuum Coupled Lo (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • SR MN Vacuum Coupled (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • Steam_effect (TRS2004) Textures Non-Environmental [Detailed]
  • Smoke-Steam_effect (TRS2004) Textures Non-Environmental [Detailed]
  • Smoke_effect (TRS2004) Textures Non-Environmental [Detailed]
  • MNwhitelight (TRS2004) Textures Non-Environmental [Detailed]
  • Rebuilt Merchant Navy Enginespec (TRS2004) Miscellaneous [Detailed]
  • SRLamp (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • SR MN Vacuum Uncoupled (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • RB Merchant Navy (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • RB Merchant Navy 6000 Gal Early Logo Tender (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • RB Merchant Navy 6000 Gal Late Logo Tender (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • RB Merchant Navy 6000 Gal Original Tender (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • Rebuilt Merchant Navy Textures (TRS2004) Textures Non-Environmental [Detailed]

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