LNER O4-1 Rod and tenders

Date: 22nd Jan 2007
Created By: LieLestoSbrat
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Pack Description:
The locos types represented are the O4/1 with original GCR chimney and Ramsbottom safety valves, and LNER modifcations of Ross pop safety valves and Doncaster flower pop chimney. The loco features fully modelled and animated inside Stephenson?s valve gear, custom twinkles effects, custom headcode support and command system (by Paulhobbs) & automatic running number insertion (by Eldavo).
Pack Contains:
  • LNER Black GCR Tender (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • LNER O4/1 Rod (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • LNER O4/1 Rod modified (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]

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