BR Standard 9F Common parts

Date: 17th Oct 2007
Created By: LieLestoSbrat
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Pack Description:
This pack contains the bogeys, textures and mesh attachments for the BR Standard 9F range of locomotives.
Pack Contains:
  • 9f dummy bogie (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • 9f_main_bogie_clean (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • 9f_main_bogie_dirty (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • 9f_pony_truck_clean (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • 9f_pony_truck_dirty (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • 9f_tender_bogie_clean (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • 9f_tender_bogie_dirty (TRS2004) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • BR Standard 9f Enginespec (TRS2004) Miscellaneous [Detailed]
  • Standard 9f double chimney enginespec (TRS2004) Miscellaneous [Detailed]
  • BR_Screwlink_coupled (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • BR_Screwlink_uncoupled (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • BR_Vacuum_coupled_high (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • BR_Vacuum_coupled_low (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • BR_Vacuum_uncoupled (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • Animated water scoop for BR Standard Tenders (TRS2004) Mesh [Detailed]
  • Smoke-Steam_effect (TRS2004) Textures Non-Environmental [Detailed]
  • BR 9f shedcode textures (TRS2004) Textures Non-Environmental [Detailed]