Date: 29th Apr 2005
Created By: Dermmy
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Pack Description:
South Eastern Coal Corp ran its own fleet of cars and locos from Hazard Ky from the late 1970's till the 90's. The fleet included several S2s, six GP20s and four GP38-2s.
Early livery was as modelled, later they ran in overall light green. The Paint Shed GP38 is close, but not quite right.
Pack includes all four locos, one dusty (3821) one dirty (3823) and two clean (2822/4)
Pack Contains:
  • SECX GP38 BLK 3821 (Ultimate Trainz) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • SECX GP38 BLK 3822 (Ultimate Trainz) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • SECX GP38 BLK 3823 (Ultimate Trainz) Locomotive [Detailed]
  • SECX GP38 BLK 3824 (Ultimate Trainz) Locomotive [Detailed]

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