SECX H62R Hoppers - Black

Date: 18th Sep 2005
Created By: Dermmy
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Pack Description:
Inspired by South Eastern Coal hoppers, these two H62R's are not 'exact' models, but do capture the look of the prototype. They operated in unit trains out of the L&N yard at Hazard Ky through the 70's and 80's. There are two versions of each car, one empty and the other loaded. These skins are edits of the USTrainz black Southern hopper skin. Thanks to Joe and Sean from USTrainz for the use of their material.
Pack Contains:
  • SECX 4 Bay H62R 1 E (TRS2004) RollingStock [Detailed]
  • SECX 4 Bay H62R 1 L (TRS2004) RollingStock [Detailed]
  • SECX 4 Bay H62R 2 E (TRS2004) RollingStock [Detailed]
  • SECX 4 Bay H62R 2 L (TRS2004) RollingStock [Detailed]

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