Date: 14th Nov 2005
Created By: Dermmy
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Pack Description:
A set of four Penn Central H62R Hoppers. Two are suitable for interchange traffic and could be found anywhere in the US. The other two are skinned with 'Not for Interchange' pannels. These were cars towards the end of their runing days and should be restricted to PC lines. These skins set out to capture the spirit of the prototype, but are not exact models of the cars in question. Thanks to Joe and Sean from USTrainz for the use of their material.
Pack Contains:
  • PC 4 Bay H62R 1 (TRS2004) RollingStock [Detailed]
  • PC 4 Bay H62R 4 (TRS2004) RollingStock [Detailed]
  • PC 4 Bay H62R 3 (TRS2004) RollingStock [Detailed]
  • PC 4 Bay H62R 2 (TRS2004) RollingStock [Detailed]

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