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What is Trainz on the Road

With the success of demonstrating Trainz at Model Railroading shows we’ve decided to get serious about bringing the product to the folks we know love Trains – the Model Railroaders. Where do Model Railroaders go when they want to find out what is happening in their hobby? They go to exhibitions and shows…and that’s where we want to be too.
Hence Trainz on the Road is all about being at these events… but there are so many of them around the globe, every weekend, that we can’t possibly cover the lot.

So we need you!

Would you like to share your passion for Trainz with folks who are just going to love seeing what Trainz is all about?

Would you like to be rewarded for sharing your enthusiasm?

More than anything, would you like to have fun?

What are you waiting for? Find out more about becoming involved as a Demonstrator or Show Coordinator and register your interest….



What is Trainz on the Road

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