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TRS2004 brings added depth and realism to the experience of railroading on your PC. You will be able to interact with world objects and the new working industries add a new sense of purpose to your driving operations.

Industries spring to life with realistic animations
Each new industry consumes resources and produces goods. Your task, as with a real railroad, is to efficiently move theses goods and resources from one place to another and keep the wheels of industry turning.

Visible goods
No longer do you have to imagine what happens when you pull up to the coal hopper or to a lumber yard. You'll wipe coal dust from your eyes as you watch your hoppers fill up, and you'll be surrounded by working forklifts as they unload heavy logs.

Make your own railroad activities in minutes
Place a few industries in the easy to use Surveyor editor, set out your locos and rolling stock and you have created an instant railroad scenario. Set the appropriate industry inputs and outputs as you desire and apply Rules to determine things such as control method, weather conditions and how many Drivers will be working for you on your railroad. Save consists for one click placement on other routes and create your own list of your favorite locos and rolling stock.

Save your progress
Unlimited save slots allow you to pick up where you left off. Scenarios can theoretically continue for ever.

Steam locomotives
Realistic physics tested by real engineers, plus amazing new sounds and special effects. You'll be wiping the sweat from your brow when you stoke the firebox.

Drivers for every loco
Ever wondered who was driving all those locos? Now you can appoint drivers, name them, choose their photographs or even add your own. Issue commands to drive to industries, load and unload goods, couple and decouple and more. Of course, at any time you can step in and lend a helping hand.

Updated Graphics
Taking advantage of the new Auran Jet V2.0 feature set, we've updated many of the graphics. New techniques such as bump mapping and vertex shaders add a whole new level of realism and graphics eyecandy. We've also optimised many of the previous features so that you can add more objects to your scenes.

New sounds, new signalling, new physics, and more...
The list is too long to mention. We've listened to your feedback and included many of the suggestions that improve upon previous Trainz versions including animated windscreen wipers, lat/long support for real world routes, fixed track segments, improved headlights and lots more.

Sharing Content made even easier
We've overhauled the Trainz Download Station and Trainz Exchange and made it even easier to download and install your favorite content.

10 new steam engines including the Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy and the LNER A4 4-6-2 Mallard
6 new diesels including the UP DD40X and the NSWGR 442
6 new electrics including the DB180 and the Hondekop train car

In addition to this TRS2004 will also contain the original 13 locos from Trainz V1.0 plus the 16 locos added with UTC making more than 50 locos and train cars in total!

TRS2004 also features new freight wagons, passenger cars and tank cars, and dozens of new scenery items, trackside objects and stations. There are several new routes based on a mix of real world locations and prototypical operations created by some of the leading route creators in the community.

Interactive Industries
Industry resource model with goods and resources are produced and consumed
Adjustable industry output rates and capacity
Industries that automatically generate waybills when goods and resources are required
Animated loading and unloading
Cars get heavier when loaded
Set limits on which cars can pick up which goods
AI Drivers
Allocate drivers and give them orders to load, unload, decouple etc
Queue orders and repeat
Name your drivers and even customize their photographs
Run multiple trains simultaneously with AI trains path-finding their way to destinations
Create your own Activities
Rules system brings the power of scripting to the average user
Add new rules to expand functionality
Create Html web pages to introduce your driver sessions to others
Create and save different driver sessions for each route with different locos, start times and industry parameters
Hotkey to jump straight from Surveyor to Driver
Driver Sessions can be exported with your route

Integration of locos and rolling stock into Surveyor
Place locos and rolling stock in Surveyor
Name and save favorite consists for quick placement
Test overpass heights and signals, track lengths and more
Favorites listing from Railyard (My Collection) carried over to Surveyor

Steam engines fully supported including real world physics
Scripted Signaling for advanced functionality
Semaphore Signals introduced

Other features
Multiple save game slots
Free roaming camera in Driver
Per axle track sounds
Synchronized steam engine sounds
Long horn blasts
New adjustable water system (color, wave height, reflection)
Gamma slider to adjust game brightness
New Trainz Helper downloading utility finds and installs all dependent items (no more missing pieces)
New improvements, including:
Improved graphics such as bump mapping and specular highlights
Improved headlights
Overall lighting model improved
Improved particle effects
Performance on like-for-like routes improved by 10-50% (depending on your system)
2D Map View - labels, switches and signals easier to see
Online systems improved for searching and uploading
Content Dispatcher allows which version to install into for custom content
AI stops closer to red lights
Wider field of view in cab
User friendly documentation, including:
Printed User Manual and PDF version for viewing with larger font size
Engineers Handbook
World Builders Guide
Content Creators Guide
User Activity Creators Guide
Technical Manual

Trains and railroads have fascinated people since their inception 200 years ago. In 1804, Richard Trevithick tested his newly invented steam locomotive which drew 5 cars and a coach with 70 passengers. 25 years later in 1829, the "father" of railroading, George Stephenson, built the famous "Rocket" locomotive and won 500pounds for hauling a load of cotton at a speed of 26mph. By the following year, 100 locomotives had been built in England - the rapid evolution of steam engines had begun in earnest!

Without doubt the invention of the steam locomotive was the most profoundly influential technical development of the 19th Century. Railroads allowed the transport of goods and passengers at previously undreamt of speeds and changed the entire dynamics of society. Above all, railroads are about people. Those who built the system, those who controlled it, those who worked on it and those whose lives it affected.

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 puts you in control of building, controlling and managing a variety of railroads from around the world, from the golden era of steam, through the changeover to diesels right up to modern day electrics. Are you ready for the challenge?

Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
PIII800Mhz • 256Mb RAM • 32Mb video card (Geforce equiv.)
Direct X 9 or higher • Direct X compatible sound card
8X CD-ROM • 56K Modem for Internet access

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