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July 10th
Trainzscript and Forest Operations

As some of you may know, I enjoy the scripting side of Trainz. The goods news for those who enjoy creating scenarios is that Trainzscript and scenarios are here to stay, and with new functions etc, even better scenarios will be able to be scripted by those who want to get down into the code. Perhaps one of the most frequent requests that has been made by scenario creators, is the ability to interact with Trainz users. Well, TRS2004 delivers this to the scripter! The browser is now able to be placed anywhere on the screen, at any size, and without the big fat grey border (if desired). Text input boxes, dials, radio buttons and a few other neat tricks are now able to be accomplished. I’m still getting my head around the new features, but if I quote Greg Lane, you can sum it up as “Trainzscript is not only supported - it’s enhanced”.

Today I also spent quite a bit of time getting to grips with a forestry industry and its relationship with the lumber mill and pulp mill. Placing the forestry industry on the map and immediately I have people chopping down trees, and machinery taking them to a staging area to await a train to transport the logs. Time to immerse myself into my new TRS world that I have created ….

It’s 4pm in the afternoon, the sky is heavy with grey clouds, and the rain is pouring down. I lean out the cab of my loco, listening to the steam escaping and the compressor turning over. The thunderstorm rolling in from the West is a ripper; lightning whips and cracks overhead. The smell of the pine forest wafts past me, carried by the approaching thunderstorm. Looking out the other side of the cab, I see the loggers felling the pines and placing them at the loading area. Visibility is down to only one hundred meters or so now but I can see that my load is nearly ready. Time to crack open the regulator and pick up the empty rake and shunt into the loading area. As I gently ease my train into a siding to pick up a rake of empty logging cars - CRACK!! - a huge bolt of lightning reaches out of the sky, hangs in the air for a brief period, and then it’s gone, as quickly as it came. At least I’ve got the firebox door wide open to keep my cab warm as I look back again at the loggers working in the teaming rain. Ok, coupled to the rake, brakes are good, and my load is waiting for me. With a hiss of steam, a little wheelslip and an eruption of black smoke I ease into the loading area and come to a complete stop with the first empty car at the staging area. The logs are loaded onto my train. Pull forward a car length and stop again. My next car is loaded. I’ve only got a short consist this afternoon: four cars. I just want to get out of here and out onto the mainline, but still another two cars to be loaded. Release the brakes, pull forward again and steam rushes from the cylinder cocks. Third car is now loaded; only one more to go. I notice that the wind has changed direction and my smoke is now blowing back towards the cab; it was being blown to the East before. “Quick fella’s, load the last car so I can get out of here!”. Ok, last car is loaded and it’s time to get going. Green light ahead through the rain, headlight now on as it’s getting quite dark. Thunder is rolling in all around me and lightning is cracking in the sky; it must be right over the top of me! I pull down on the whistle and give it a long blow; good job that the new whistle on this loco is able to blow as long as I hold the cord! Ok, open the regulator, ease off the brakes and I’m off! Little bit of wheelslip in the rain so I close the regulator a touch and the wheels bite. It’s a 25 minute run to the lumber mill and I need to get a move on: I have a cross at a small crossing loop about halfway there. Building up speed now and my loco is barking as it climbs the 1:30 grade out of the forest before settling into a nice rhythm across the plains ….

To be continued tomorrow!

This scene is what you get in TRS2004; everything except the smell of the pine forest! The sound effects and the lightning are spectacular; lighting bolts arc across the sky. Sitting watching the trees being felled and then moved to the loading area are all real in TRS2004. Tomorrow, all being well, I’ll cross with the other train ontime (driven by Jake) and get to the lumber mill.

Greg (Shutter)







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