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July 15th
Anyone for a swim?

For days now, people have been walking around the office muttering "water" under their breath. Being the curious type and realising that none of them where about to die of thirst, I put two and two together and deduced they were all muttering about the water in TRS. Late nights at the office, many unspeakable words and frazzled people lead me to believe that something big was underway!! Pulling Tony aside and asking why everyone seemed to be walking on razorblades, I was told that the new water features in Trainz were being a little troublesome. Today however, I knew they were going to crack it and at about 4pm this afternoon, Robin called out "Come and have a look at this!". I could tell that everyone was pretty chuffed with themselves, so I ambled over to have a look at what all the fuss was about. With 10 people crammed around a PC, I saw what the big deal was ....

The water in TRS is staggering!!! In fact, I touched the screen to see if it was wet! I'm no graphics expert but I can say that I could see myself on the river on my layout and going for a swim! The new water not only "moves", as in there are ripples etc, but it also reflects the sky!! On a bright sunny day (in your layout of course!) the water gently laps and looks so inviting. Change the sky to Cloudy and Dull, and the water suddenly takes a different form. After pleading Tony and Robin for the chance to post some screenshots of the water, they said "yes" so here it is! But remember, as it's not moving in a screenshot you only get to see half the effect! Oooh - I'm so sorry you can't all see it. Tomorrow I may have a BBQ down by the river on my layout!!

The photos were taken in surveyor using the very useful ALT-FLY command. They have not been retouched in any way. All that has changed between each screenshot, are the clouds or time of day.

During the day I have spent more time working with the minibrowser for scripting and I had a very useful meeting with Greg, Tony and John to discuss some issues that the scripting community were having with Trainz scripting. Also for discussion were issues that I saw with TRS from a scripters point of view. It was pleasing to be able to sit down with the management of a games company and have them listen, and more importantly, act, on issues that you see.

So, enjoy the water, but remember that you can't see the most awesome effect - its movement!

Greg (Shutter)




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