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July 18th - Last Whistle Post
Head out the window of my cab - steaming along nicely along the plains with my load of felled trees for the Lumber Mill. The thuderstorm is behind me now and the rain is clearing. The familiar clickety-clack of the rails and the steam exhaust beat is beginning to lull me into a feeling of relaxation....Read Article

July 16th - Signals and Speed Limits
You're driving along a stretch of track that is speed-boarded at 80km/h with you local goods train and Train Control radio to tell you that 4km ahead you are to be placed into a crossing loop to let an express passenger consist behind you run through....Read Article

July 15th - Anyone for a swim?
For days now, people have been walking around the office muttering "water" under their breath. Being the curious type and realising that none of them where about to die of thirst, I put two and two together and deduced they were all muttering about the water in TRS. Late nights at the office, many unspeakable words and frazzled people lead me to believe that something big was underway!! Pulling Tony aside and asking why everyone seemed to be walking on razorblades, I was told that the new water features in Trainz were being a little troublesome. Today however, I knew they were going to crack it and at about 4pm this afternoon, Robin called out "Come and have a look at this!". I could tell that everyone was pretty chuffed with themselves, so I ambled over to have a look at what all the fuss was about. With 10 people crammed around a PC, I saw what the big deal was ....Read Article

July 14th - Making scenarios better!
Well, today has been a draining day and my report tonight is aimed at the Trainzscript Community. Although this post is for the "scripters", it will have an impact on users who enjoy playing scenarios. The scenario writer is now able to interact with the user through the new minibrowser as never before. This will lead to scenarios with multiple pages of information, the ability to accept input/choices from the player, and the ability to provide all of this in a friendly, graphical manner.
Read Article

July 11th - Specular lighting and Sounds!
Today I had plans to continue my run from the Forest to the Lumber Mill with my load of felled pine trees. Last night before leaving the office I saved my game, then came back this morning and loaded it, but had to save it again when the Auran crew tasked me with other duties! Lucky I have more than one save slot now! They finally listened! In fact I'm not sure if there is even a limit now? Must check that out.
Read Article

10th July - Trainzscript and Forest Operations
As some of you may know, I enjoy the scripting side of Trainz. The goods news for those who enjoy creating scenarios is that Trainzscript and scenarios are here to stay, and with new functions etc, even better scenarios will be able to be scripted by those who want to get down into the code. Perhaps one of the most frequent requests that has been made by scenario creators, is the ability to interact with Trainz users. Well, TRS2004 delivers this to the scripter! The browser is now able to be placed anywhere on the screen, at any size, and without the big fat grey border (if desired). Text input boxes, dials, radio buttons and a few other neat tricks are now able to be accomplished. I’m still getting my head around the new features, but if I quote Greg Lane, you can sum it up as “Trainzscript is not only supported - it’s enhanced”. Read Article

9th July - Ready to ride the rails?
Greg (Shutter) was invited by Auran to visit the development studios and get involved from scripting point of view. Over the next few days Greg will be sharing his experiences with the Trainz community. "Arriving at Auran on Monday, I was immediately into meetings with the different teams working on the project to gain an understanding of the direction that TRS2004 will be taking us. A two hour briefing from the team had my head spinning - this is not an upgrade; it's a whole new product from the Jet engine up!" Read Article





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