Hi guys and welcome to the opening of the Australian TRS2004 web site. For those who don't know me, my name's Nat (Natvander on the forum) and I'm the one who's been lugged with the job of co-ordinating this site :).

Brief speil on myself...I've been using Trainz since the Community Edition, have been a Beta Tester since Sept 2002 (before UTC) and am one of the original 3rd Party Support members. My interest (Trainzwise) is NSW Railways from the begining of the diesel era to the early 90's. Outside Trainz I'm a firefighter living on the NSW Central Coast, and enjoy landscape photography, camping and music (esp Australian music).

By localising the web sites, we're hoping to make your Trainz experience more personal and relevant to your interests (of course you will have complete access to websites from other parts of the globe). On our website I'll be mentioning (with your input) upcoming shows, content for the Download Station, hints and tips and whatever other stuff you guys want to throw at me. Maybe even a "member of the month" profile :).

This is your website, so I'll need your input to make this work.

Welcome :D


Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004
is the most complete railroad experience ever created.
As Engineer, immerse yourself in a totally interactive, realistic world. Choose from high-speed passenger runs, shunting cars in a busy industrial yard, or carefully navigating a 200 ton logging train down a steep mountain range.
As Yardmaster, manage your Drivers as they carry out their daily tasks. Ensure your trains are in the right place at the right time to keep pace with supply and demand of the interactive industries.
As Route Builder, create your own stunning routes and worlds.
As Operations Manager, set industry production levels, commodity requirements and create multiple task lists for your Drivers in a few simple steps.

Are you up to the challenges ahead?

  • Choose from more than 50 authentic real world locos from famous railroads around the globe
  • 100's more to download from the Trainz web site
  • Realistic controls for steam, diesel and electric locos
  • Accurate physics, tested and verified by real life train engineers
  • Complete 3D cabs with interactive switches, levers and dials
  • Control one or more locos and issue orders to other Drivers
  • Hundred's of miles of prototypical and imaginary routes to explore Read more features

  • Industries place real demands upon your railroad as they each consume resources and produce goods
  • As Yardmaster it is your task to control the flow of goods
  • Operate railroads with diversified commodities including coal, general goods, forest products, woodchips, containers, logs and more
  • Your decisions and driving skills affect production levels throughout the world Read more features

  • Create and design dynamic environments quickly and easily with intuitive 3D editing tools
  • Move mountains, plant forests, construct towns and cities
  • Build a complete railroad infrastructure that you interact with including rails, tunnels, bridges, signals, junctions and trackside objects
  • Plan activities, set goals for you and your Drivers and totally customize your railroad experience
  • Open architecture and fully supported toolsets allow for practically unlimited additional features to be added Read more features


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