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30th April 2004
Service Pack 2 has arrived at the Station
Brisbane, Australia. April 30 , 2004. Service Pack 2 - Passenger Pack, the latest update to the long running Trainz franchise, has been released as in now available for download from the official Auran website plus many mirror sites around the world. SP2, which is the second free update to Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004, brings a huge number of new features and a host of improvements and bug fixes.

"With SP2 our fans can now really experience some of the many challenges in operating a real railroad", said Greg Lane, Auran CEO and creator of the original concept of Trainz. "Users can set up a variety of trains, each with their own set of orders, and watch as their railroad springs to life," continued Lane. "Of course they can also take over control of any one of the locos and experience first hand life behind the throttle of one of the many diesel, electric or steam locos."

SP2 delivers new animated passenger stations, timetables, new flexibility with issuing and saving Driver Commands, and an overhaul of the minimap. The Drivers have been given extra training by way of tweaking their "artificial intelligence" and the signalling systems have been improved to more closely mimic real world systems. There are also several new assets such as "portals" that can spawn or consume trains and a new "multi-industry" which lets users create their own interactive industry quickly and simply.

With the continued success of the Trainz various products throughout the world and the recently announced end to the Microsoft Train Simulator product line, Auran hope that their latest offering will see an increase in the number of 3rd party content creators coming on board.

"We're putting together a new team to focus our support efforts on helping content creators get the most out of Trainz Railroad Simulator," said Tony Hilliam, Executive Producer of Trainz. 'We've learnt that our audience has an insatiable appetite for new content and the only way we are going to service those needs is by developing and nurturing a network of creative talent. This commitment begins with support, but extends to helping market and sell new products to our rapidly growing customer base. We've been going just over 3 years and have almost 100,000 registered users. This number is steadily increasing and we can only see the pace increasing in the future."

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