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The Future of Trainz
Deciding the future of Trainz has involved an enormous amount of time and effort. What you are about to read is the culmination of input from the Trainz community, Auran staff members, Railroad companies and other interested parties.read full article here

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004
TRS2004 is the latest edition of Trainz from Auran, the developers who brought you the critically acclaimed Trainz and Ultimate Trainz Collection titles. Here is what everyone is talking about..

Game of Distinction 84/100
PCPowerplay, December 2003
It's bigger, better, and has massive amounts of new content. Even if you already own Ultimate Trainz Collection, TRS2004 will dramatically improve your on-rails gaming experience.

4 / 5 stars
The Australian, December 2003
The latest edition in the series is a real step forward for the title...this game delivers pretty much anything the train enthusiast would want


89/100 Gold Award
icronticgames, November 2003
If you love vehicle simulations or are a model railway fan then your greatest dream has just come true

Gamespot, December 2003
the new features in Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 are most welcome and make it a more realistic sim
5/5 stars
GamerDad, December 2003
the world in which you’ll drive your trains is alive with activity..Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 gets high marks for being what the customer wants it to be. If you want a highly detailed train and industry simulator, Trainz is your ticket. If you want a simple drive around the mountain, Trainz can accommodate that as well
GameZone, January 2004
From designing routes to the intricacies of guiding a monster steam locomotive down the tracks, this title is on schedule to provide a solid simulation-gaming experience...If you love railroads, model railroads or trains in general, then this is the game for you. This game captures the experience and flavor of working a train yard or driving a locomotive.

Below are just some of the great things the critics had to say about the original titles, Trainz and Ultimate Trainz Collection.

Editors Choice Award 9.0/10
GameZone, October 2002
Editor's Choice Award 9.0/10
"Auran and Strategy First have outdone themselves this time, and that is an understatement to say the least." "Outstanding Attention to Detail" Gaming Excellence, February 2002

Editors Choice Award 9.1 /10
"the trains and environments are so realistic you can imagine yourself as a real engineer in a real train", "It is perfectly executed with style and sophistication that I didn't expect and with the huge community support, this is one game that will remain active on your computer for years to come." Game Chronicles Magazine, February 2003

Ultimate Trainz Collection makes the top 100 games list!
Number 64 in PC PowerPlay's guide to the 100 games you should definitely own, September 2003

10/10 GameVortex, December 2002

"Auran has fulfilled the dream of every train enthusiast", "Ever wanted to strap yourself into the engineer's seat? This will probably be about as close as you'll ever get to the real thing." Gamesfirst, April 2003

5/5 stars Game of the week
"Vastly superior to competitors such as Microsoft's Train Simulator, Trainz will be keeping railroad enthusiasts busy for years to come. - James Cottee, The Age, September 2002

As a truly outstanding product Simworld has awarded Trainz UTC with the "Golden German Railroad Wings" for the "Most innovative railroad simulation product" on the market today! Simulatorworld, January 2003

"The latest and greatest of these sims is Ultimate Trainz Collection, which surpasses its predecessors for sound, graphics and playability." Forbes, March 2003

Silver Award, Simulation: Best of the Year - "Auran's superb train simulation"
The Wargamer's 2002 Awards, March 2003

Brilliant Realism "The options for customising your locomotive, environment and game playing experience are immense" ManchesterOnline, March 2003

83/100 PC Powerplay, March 2003

5/5 stars "Off the rails" Sydney Morning Herald, Icon, September 2002

4.5/5 "Powerful, easy to use, and loaded with potential, it could become the flagship computer title for train enthusiasts." Gamesdomain, February 2002

The Adrenaline Vault Interview

"We're broadening our audience with Trainz 2004 by introducing interactive industries backed by a new resource model. This means that - in addition to hardcore simulation fans – we're also targeting strategy gamers. It's a bit like Trainz meets Railroad Tycoon - although the focus is more on goods and resources rather than money and share prices." Read the full interview here.

The Junkyard Interview
"The biggest selling point in the past has been our world builder tool "Surveyor". It is just so easy to use and it's really addictive. You start out laying track and moving mountains, and next thing you know you've missed dinner! This time around we've added a lot more tools for creating your own railroad experience so now instead of just building a static world, you can take advantage of all the interactive industries and actually develop your own storylines." Read the full interview here.

HomeLan Interview
Auran CEO, Greg Lane talks with HomeLan in an exclusive interview about the upcoming Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004. "TRS2004 introduces the concept of working industries featuring visible loading and unloading of goods and passengers. This system is backed by a resource model whereby resources are consumed and goods are created. This means your in-game actions have consequences to the world around you". Read the full interview here.


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