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Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004: Service Pack 2 - Passenger Pack

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Service Pack 2 - Passenger Pack is the latest free update for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004. This service pack brings fixes to many known issues and bugs and includes a number of additional features.

This update is now available for download or can be ordered on CD for the cost of Postage and Handling. (Note that language editions such as German and French are currently being translated and will be available shortly).

To order Service Pack 2 on CD, please visit the Auran online shop.


With Service Pack 2, it will be quick and easy to set up an entire working railroad in Surveyor and then watch your creation come to life in Driver. You can interact with your Drivers as much or as little as possible as each one carries out his predefined orders. There are no limits to the number of drivers you can issue orders to, and no limits to the number of orders you can issue each Driver - so the only real limitations are your imagination and your hardware. With the flexibility of our TrainzScript language, you can extend this functionality even further.
Running Timetables and Schedules
Using the new Schedule Rule (in Surveyor), you can now tell your Drivers where to be at what time. Run as many schedules as you like, and follow the progress of each Driver by examining their Timetable. For example, Driver Bob departs London Kings Cross at 11.37am, with a schedule to stop at all stations to Peterborough. Bob will stop at each station to load and unload passengers, then depart at his predetermined time. He'll also let you know whether he is on time or running behind schedule. Of course you also get to take over and run the schedule yourself.

Loading and Unloading Passengers
Set the rate at which passengers arrive at each station throughout the day. Allow for morning or afternoon peak hours or a double peak at busy interchange stations. You can also set the type of station to determine what percentage of your passengers are going to disembark at each station. Passengers gather on the station platform over time. When the train arrives, the doors open and your passengers fade out from the platform and fade in onboard the train (1).

(1) This animation effect currently only applies for certain scripted assets. Other assets are compatible however the passengers do not visibly animate at stations or appear in carriages. We anticipate a large number of custom items will made available by 3rd Party creators that takes advantage of this new functionality.

Improvements to AI
We've been busy giving our AI Drivers some basic training, so you'll find that they'll do what you tell them to in most circumstances. They anticipate when to stop better than before and give you improved feedback on why they can't get to where you want them to go (such as "waiting for access to junction 123"). If they don't perform as you expect, we suggest that you check your signalling and nearby traffic as well as giving clearer instructions (such as adding trackmarks as waypoints to a destination).

Multiple trains per junction block
AI Drivers are now allowed to enter a junction block that is already occupied by another train (as long as there are signals to separate the trains). This means that you can have more prototypical routes with many miles between junctions and trains queued up throughout that stretch of track. It also means that if they want to turn around mid-junction, you will have to manually clear the blockage.

New Interface Controls and Driver HUD
We've added new interface hotkeys (F6-F9) which allow you to toggle each interface component on or off. The standard Driver HUD shows the current time by default, and there is a new Custom HUD which shows Next Speed, an Odometer reading and the current gradient (at the position of the front loco). You can also add new Rules to bring up additional information in this Custom HUD. For example, a rule which outputs the distance to the next speed sign or signal, or even the estimated time of arrival at your destination.

New Mini Map
The Mini-Map has been given a thorough overhaul and is much clearer and easier to use. You can zoom in closer, labels are easier to read, and you can turn various components on or off such as gradients, labels or even the background textures.

Ability to Save Orders in Surveyor
This is one of the biggest new features of SP2. In Driver Setup (in Surveyor) you can now issue orders to each Driver and save them with the Session. This means that when you start your Driver Session, all the locos begin moving and carrying out their tasks. Of course you can still take over and control any or all of the locos at any time. Of course orders need to make sense so make sure you issue a Drive Command before Run Load at an industry.

Ability to Edit Current Orders
When in Driver, you may want to give a Driver a new set of orders, or change the order of completing his tasks. It is now as easy as dragging the orders to a new position in the list or inserting a new order wherever you want.

More Drivers per Session
The limit of 7 Drivers has been removed and now the only real limitation is the machine that you are using and your capacity to control dozens of Drivers. Please note performance will be affected.

Additional Rules and Commands
We've added a number of new Rules and Commands including Basic Run Around Train (decouple and couple at the other end of the consist) and the Schedule Rule (see above). There are also some more advanced Rules which allow you to link Rules together for more complex operations. Please note that anything other than Basic Run Around Train need to be performed manually.

New Multi-Industry
The new Multi-Industry is a completely flexible industry type that you can set up to act like a grain silo, a cattle yard or anything your imagination requires. (Of course you may have to download a new commodity from the Download Station or make your own). You can set inputs, outputs, queue sizes, waybill settings and more. Once you understand the power of this short piece of track, you can set up literally dozens of industries on the one route.

New Train Portal
The Portal is a powerful new asset that acts like an "off-map" staging area, it can add/remove trains from your route and also change the latent state of the train.

You can move trains, produce new ones and also use the Portal to load and unload your trains and return them onto your map. You can even move a train from one portal to another and have in appear after a predetermined time.

Detailed Feature List

- choose your train then set station arrival and departure times.
- save unlimited schedules per route
- new Driver Timetable interface

- passengers visibly load and unload at specific passenger enabled stations
- doors open and close, passengers visible inside specific passenger enabled carriages
- a separate invisible passenger enabled station available for download to coincide with the release of SP2. This station allows passenger enabled stations (such as 3rd party content) to appear as it is passenger enabled
- set passenger numbers per station and choose from 3 peak hour settings
- set stations to terminus, standard, large or small to determine % of passengers who alight at each station

- braking distances adjusted
- multiple trains allowed in same direction on one junction to junction track segment
- junctions revert to default position after train passes
- signals change at start of train not end!
- added priority trackmarks (and priority command) to determine preferred track for each train
- trackmarks, priority markers and direction markers all show on mini-map
- Driver messages indicate why they require assistance (e.g. waiting for access to junction)

Driver HUD
- wheelslip and dynamic braking show on HUD
- new Next Speed Sign/Distance rule
Mini-map overhaul
- toggle display options (signals, text, trackmarks etc)
- greater zoom range
- new icons for triggers etc
- non-overlapping text labels
Driver Orders/Commands
- add driver orders in Surveyor and save orders
- improved order display
- scrollable orders list
- insert, delete, move orders
- Drive to and Drive to Trackmark lists show all items
- more drivers added
- New basic 'runaround train' command

- greater flexibility and expanded functionality of session rules
- improved interface (larger resizable windows, description text, checkboxes)
- new progressive, random and simultaneous rules systems
- allow movement in 3D world during rule set-up
Interactive Industries
- improved commodity interface
- set multiple goods per queue
- additional parameters exposed (set waybill % etc)
- added more detail to industry and car dialogues

New Train "Industries"
- Resource tunnel - trains can be loaded/unloaded magically in the tunnel and return onto map at a defined time
- Map exit/entry tunnel which "accepts" any train that enters and "produces" new ones at a scheduled time
- resource/commodity loading or unloading also possible

- optimized loading times, caching
- support for entering foreign language characters
- pantographs operate in cab mode
- new icons for "QuickStart Driver Session" and "Edit Rules"



Service Pack
1 - Steam Update
Detailed Feature List:

· New Hotkeys for firebox doors, operating regulator, cut-off, injectors and blower

SP1 provides the following additional keyboard functionality:

Firebox doors open/close KP 1, KP End
Regulator open W, Full stop, KP 8, KP up
Regulator close S, Slash, KP 2, KP down
Reverser forward F, KP Star
Reverser reverse R, KP Slash
Injector increase I
Injector decrease O
Blower increase N
Blower decrease Shift N

(Please note: KP = Keypad located on the right of your keyboard)

· Major improvements to steam physics

  • Steam locos function more prototypically.
    • Locomotives can be left on standby with their resources being consumed at a prototypical rate. The rates of coal, water and steam consumption have been reduced when a loco is unattended.
    • In Cab Mode, consumption of coal, water and steam is more prototypical during operation.
    • Top speeds have been checked against available prototypical data and corrected for all steam engines.

· New cab interiors for Mallard and Flying Scotsman

  • Based on research carried out at the National Railway Museum in York.
  • Highly representative of Gresley's cab interior characteristics taking into account changes over time

· Loading & caching optimizations

  • Layout's now load on average 10 to 30% faster.

· AI trains no longer prefer driving left

  • Trains using the 'Drive' command previously always took the left route at junctions where possible. Now they proceed through the junction without changing it if the track ahead is clear. If the track ahead is blocked, a more appropriate track will be chosen.


· Scenery objects animating correctly

  • This includes objects such as windmills, balloons, etc.

· Scenario scripts can be encrypted using the supplied encryption program.

  • This enables the protection of 3rd party script development.

· Individual Driver Orders can be deleted

  • Simply hold control and click on any visible order to remove unwanted instructions.

· Trainz Download Helper improvements (Lots of thanks to the Trainz Community for their many suggestions)

  • Trainz Download Helper now supports saving backup copies of CDP archives to a path that you specify.
  • Trainz Download Helper and the integrated Trainz Exchange supports resume of downloads allowing you to continue installing after an interrupted download.
  • Trainz Download Helper supports Ultimate Trainz Collection.

· Better handling of duplicate KUIDs

  • When custom content is installed that duplicates Auran supplied TRS2004 content, TRS2004 will move the duplicate content to a 'removed content' folder.
  • When multiple copies of the same custom content are installed, TRS2004 will choose a single version of the content and ignore the others.

· Download Station Enhancements

  • KUID2 formatted content can obsolete KUID formatted content.
  • Uploaded Content can be set as invisible on the Download Station but able to be downloaded via the Download Helper application.
  • The following unpublicized Download Station enhancements are available now.
    • Content is available on the Download Station and downloadable via the Trainz Download Helper.
    • Content can be linked to a third party website for downloading and is downloadable via the Trainz Download Helper.

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