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Manage your Content the Easy Way

TrainzObjectz started life as an easy way to list custom content. It still does this, of course, but it now does a whole lot more as well. Below is just a sample of some of the things you can do with TrainzObjectz.

For the Casual Trainz User

View and print lists of all your custom and built-in content.
Sort your content into more logical groupings, and rename the content if you wish.
Enable or disable content so that only the items you use regularly are available in Trainz.
Store infrequently used items in custom archives, restoring them when you need them.
Automatically correct common faults in configuration files.
Backup your custom content to another location.

For the More Dedicated User

Check whether any of your rolling stock has missing bogeys, hornsounds, etc.
Find out which items are required on each map and check whether you have them all.
Search your archives and downloaded .cdp files for any missing items.
Automatically rename and move downloaded .cdp files.
Install multiple Dispatcher files.
Create "thumbnail" image pages from your downloaded files.

For Content Creators

Set TrainzObjectz to show only your own content.
Check your configuration files for common errors.
Check your textures files for incorrect sizes, and other errors.
Check for missing textures or unnecessary textures.
Use TrainzObjectz as a convenient "front end" to view your content in Trainz Object Explorer.

TrainzObjectz is suitable for Ultimate Trainz Collection and Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 and it's completely FREE!

Terry Franks (TaFWeb)
TrainzObjectz: http://www.trainzobjectz.co.uk


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