Cardiff Workshops
Wadalbavale Line

Hi Cardiff Workshops, tell us a little bit about your group?

Cardiff Workshops was formed a little over 12 months ago when Natvander and Davido teamed up to produce quality NSW Railway content for Trainz. The name "Cardiff Workshops" was adopted from one of the largest railway workshops of the NSW bygone era and reflects the region we both grew up in and live in today. With Nat producing content from the early diesel era and Davido preferring the here and now, Cardiff Workshops looks set to cover a wide slice of NSW railway history while at the same time encourage more enthusiasts to enjoy the amazing world of Trainz .

Have you produced any content for any previous version of Trainz?

Yes - Nathan created Wadalbavale to Karrah Bay for TRS2004 along with a heap of NSW scenery assets (stations, track signs and sheds) and David is the man behind the famous NR Class , 82 Class locomotives and XPlorer and Endeavour railmotor sets as well as various modern day rollingstock.

What kind of content are you working on for inclusion in TRS2006?

A bit of a theme on the early diesel era of NSW centring around the Silver City Comet, 400 Class Railmotors and the 48 Class locomotive, all in the various liveries of the era. Also prototypical signalling, stations (both updates from TRS and new additions), houses, goods sheds etc. along with a much updated version of "Wadalbavale".

Where can a Trainz User go to check out your work? Do you have a website, or will you be getting one?

On the Download Station (kuids 61119 and 60723). A website may be up eventually (time permitting).

So, who are the members of your group? What skills do they bringing to the group?

Nathan (Boofhead) Van Der Meulen (Natvander) - gmax/3dsmax, avid railway researcher, and ex beta tester and content creator for TRS2004.
David (OldFart) Owen (Davido) - A wiz at gmax/3dsmax, creates fantastic images, and scripting.
We're both avid railway photographers which helps alot when it comes to modelling.

Do any of the members of the group have some actual train driving experience?

No (well...David once sat on a driver's knee...)

Why did you decide on making this content? Does the group have a particular interest in it?

As we live in New South Wales, we're interested in New South Wales

What is a current item of third-party content (not created by your current group) that you think is an example of high quality?

Ooooh, tough question. There is a heap of excellent content being produced by some very talented people and to pick one form the bunch would be difficult. So we won't.

What is your favourite Railroad / Loco / Train / Model Scale?

Nathan - Railroad is definitely NSW Railways - especially the northern and northwestern areas (North Coast Line, Main Northern Line, Mungindi Line etc.). Loco...hmmmm...I'm quite a fan of all NSW locos, but I'm quite partial to the NSW 45 Class or the C36. Train....Hmmmm again....Silver City Comet, DEB set (Northern Tablelands Express) or Xplorer....hard choice. Maybe the 1200 Class Railmotor (Riverina Express)...
David - I love 'em all, but particularly the NSW Main Northern Line Sydney to Newcastle. Loco do you have to ask the NSW 82Class EMD of course.
Train - The Newcastle Flyer

Do you have any amusing Train stories to tell?

Nathan - Standing beside the Main North near 2x81 Class locos and I was getting ready to take a pic. I knew the driver was gonna toot the horn, but I was so immersed in taking the pic that when he did, I still jumped.
Yeah Nat's a bit skittish?
David ? A llloooonnnngggg time ago when I was about 5 or 6 years old, my dad passed me up to the driver of a 43 or 44 class loco at Gosford Station. He sat me on his knee, pushed a lever and there was a great hiss of air that made me think he was leaving with me in the cab. I screamed for my dad and was promptly handed back. How things have changed, I don't want to sit on the driver's knee (:^O), but I'll take a cab ride any day now.

What is your favourite "THING" about TRS?

Nathan - Immersing oneself in surveyor.
David ? I like assigning an AI driver to some trains and giving them some orders then sitting back and watching it all work.

What is your gaming history? MSTS, Transport or Railroad Tycoon, RPG's, RTS's?

Nathan - Used to be mainly RTS, or FIFA and Rugby on the PS2.
David ? Transport Tycoon ( I still play it), Railroad Tycoon and RTS's

Do you have anyone special that you would like to thank?

Firstly our wives Amanda (Nathan) and Freida (David) for their support and efforts while we toiled away.
Also Richard Davis from the NSW Rail Transport Museum and Steve from Pacific National who helped us out with photo's and info, Eric Whitmore, Geoff Steele, David Taylor, Lars Ljungberg and Moccona :) for their assistance in a variety of ways.

Team photo: David, Nathan, Amanda (w/ Hayley)

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