Iberia Interior


Hi IBerTrainz, Tell us a little bit about your group.

IBerTrainZ was founded in Spain by a group of trainzers, who haven't met before, contacting on the Auran Spanish Forum about two years and a half ago. The founders had a common interest in trains, but they also had different railroading background, modelling skills and interests. But, above all, they shared the common desire of spreading virtual railroading and at that time emerging Trainz among Spanish and Latin-American PC gamers. For years it has been the only Spanish community committed solely to Trainz, becoming the source of knowledge and meeting point for Spanish-speaking trainzers, both in Spain and Latin-America, even attracting some Portuguese users.

We are basically committed to give support, help and creating Trainz objects for free. We enjoy doing it and helping doing it.

More than 1800 registered users at IBerTrainz Forum prove the solid foundation and good-health of IBerTrainZ. Of course our meeting point dwells at our website,
www.ibertrainz.com and forum, http://foro.ibertrainz.com

Have you produced any content for any previous version of Trainz

One of the pioneer members, Diego Doni, did. He managed to create (with precious help from another dedicated international modeller as Prjindigo) a small collection of RENFE shunter locos and basic wagons which provided TRS2004 with a Spanish touch that previous versions of Trainz lacked indeed.

What kind of content are you working on for inclusion in TRS2006

We have completed a route and 3 sessions. The route "Iberia Interior" prototypically shows the landscape and railroading atmosphere of Northern Central Spain, a plateau where a lot of railroad events happen every day since it is a key mainline leading to the industrial North of Spain.

The three sessions are easy to handle and their main purpose is showing the basic operational handling of the route. Freight and passenger traffic is intense on the line, so fun and interest is guaranteed for all trainzers. Artistic and scenery effect is high-quality, we think. Hope the rest of trainzers think so too.

We believe that this route gives a lot a operational variations and is never becoming a bore.



Where can a Trainz User go to check out your work "Do you have a website, or will you be getting one"


Of course, our website and forum is our linking and meeting room since we come from very distant places in Spain.

www.ibertrainz.com is the domain name and from there you can surf to our website and forum with all the IBTZ contents. The forum hosts an International section where major languages can be used to post.

On the website we provide information about our downloads, what's new, reports, tutorials and a lot of Trains stuff.

Our daily contact takes place at the forum where you can find a lot of sections and friendly attitude. After long days of keeping in touch there we feel close friends and support everybody eben in bad personal times.

So, who are the members of IBerTrainZ and what skills do they bring to your group

Some of the pioneers remained, and others were gone. But after such a long time of trainzing, IBerTrainZ has achieved to gather a nice expert group of Trainz fans and creators, who range from magnificent routers to rolling stock and structure master modellers, as well as repainters, signallers, documentalists, graphic and website designers. Currently the staff and collaborating team amounts 13 people ranging from teenagers to people in their fifties :

Luis Arakama (milcien)
Joseba Barrio (gerok)
Diego Lorenzo Doni (didoz)
Alejandro Mart'n (ave_252)
Gonzalo Ojeda (gonzaojf)
Angel del Pozo (geloxo)
Jos' Luis Ram'rez (Pepelu)
Francisco Rodr'guez (Rodgilfr)
Luis Rubio (Transiberiano)
Jordi Sacasas (tramsoller)
Emiliano Sordo (Gor)
Aritz Tusell (aritztg)
Alberto Zato (zatovisualworks)

Do any of the members of the group have some actual train driving experience

Well, some of them are railroad workers but not drivers. And some of us have felt that special sensation of being at the wheel.

Why did you decide on making this content "Does the group have a particular interest in it"

Angel del Pozo, original designer, knew the area very well due to family links and liked that spot very much. The rest of the team too and it was agreed to be the railscape and localisation of Iberia Interior. Very shiny by daylight and starry by night.

What is a current item of third-party content (not created by your current group) that you think is an example of high quality.

Guess everybody at the group agrees that Pikkabird's series 37 is a masterpiece, but we also have a masterpiece at home, the Didoz's RENFE 1900. Nevertheless, we don't want to be unobjective because there are many superb good pieces out there.

What is your favourite Railroad / Loco / Train / Model Scale

As you can imagine, IBerTrainZ being such a crowded group enjoys a great variety of likes and interests in railroading.

Some of us are unbeatable unconvertible fans of electrics, but others don't smoke but can't live without the smell and sight of plumes of steam or diesel polluting black spots upwards in the sky.

Some love to trainspotting quietly on the Trainz routes but others can't even consider using Trainz if they don't get into a cab to see nothing but a mess of levers and gauges.

Do you have any amusing Train stories to tell

Well, we find amusing and fun having just one lady, PaTriZia, who we look after and treat as a precious treasure, on board. It seems that over here virtual railroading is really a man's activity and a danger to marital or love affairs, which is indeed.

What is your favourite "THING" about TRS2006

A general feeling of having a good time with the sim. Some other games or sims can become boring and reiterative as time passes on. Trainz and sequels seem not. There are a lot of things you can do according to your level of skills in modelling, artistry or railroading.

And really it is not "goddish" feeling you can get with sims like "Simcity" where you can feel like being an oppressor rather than a creator, and that's the way we feel in TRS, human creators, not game mud gods.

Do you have anyone special that you would like to thank

Of course, we would. First of all, our gratitude to our families (poor wives and girlfriends) who suffer from our commitment to this foolish time-eating hobby and many times feel abandoned and unhappy.

Our team is a generous and lovely one, and a lot of thanks should go to them as a group. It's a wonderful human team where people is more important than creations and Trainz.

And finally to those loyal IBTZ members and users who day after day go into the forum and encourage us to keep on going when spirit and strength fails. Our gratitude to all of them.




Just a few of the thirteen. This shot was taken last year while attending a session of virtual railroading in Gij'n, Northern Spain. From left to right: Lola (Dido's wife), Diego (Dido), Joseba (Gerok), Luis (Transiberiano) and Alberto (zatovisualworks).

From that time on, the group has increased its staff meaningfully but no time or chance to shoot a group pic yet, so the rest of the team should accept our apologies for not appearing here.

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