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MagLev Project

Hi Beabyboy, Tell us a little bit about your group

I live in Sydney, Australia. I am the only member of my group but I've had help from others from time to time. There are positions available however for committed members.

Have you produced any content for any previous version of Trainz

TRS2004 is the first version of Trainz I've owned. I have made several useful track laying templates for it. But before Trainz, I have created content for Microsoft Train Simulator, including some Aussie locomotives and a commercial add-on pack called "Casino Express" which was based on a proposed Maglev route from Barstow, California to Las Vegas, Nevada.

What kind of content are you working on for inclusion in TRS2006

I am working on the latest German designed TransRapid Maglev for EE which will feature their "TR08" test vehicle. This is the latest prototype vehicle used for the Chinese version. Info at

Where can a Trainz User go to check out your work

I don't have a website and won't be getting one. All my work can be viewed by doing a keyword search in the trainz forums for "Maglev".

So, who are the members of your group What skills do they bringing to the group

At this time, I am the only member but positions are available for committed members. I've had several years self taught experience with gmax and 3d max since the release of MSTS, but this does not mean I'm an expert.

Do any of the members of the group have some actual train driving experience

Yes, me! I have so far had 5 years experience driving suburban trains in Sydney, Australia.

Why did you decide on making this content Does the group have a particular interest in it

The maglev was my first attempt at modeling content for MSTS. This is because I have an interest in modern, high speed train travel but mainly thought it would be the best place to start as the maglev has no moving parts like bogies or wheels, it's basically nothing more than a smooth carriage.

What is a current item of third-party content (not created by your current group) that you think is an example of high quality

I think the locomotives produced by "DavidO" from "Cardiff Workshops" are some of the best I've ever seen.

What is your favourite Railroad / Loco / Train / Model Scale


What is your favourite "THING" about TRS

It's functionality and interaction. It's much more than just a train driving simulator.

What is your gaming history MSTS, Transport or Railroad Tycoon, RPG's, RTS's.

All of the above. I'd especially like to see a version of Trainz crossed with Railroad Tycoon that lets you run a business, make money, and has growing towns as you deliver goods. Could call it Trainz Tycoon

Do any of the members have any previous experience making games

I've only had the help I got from Abacus Software to produce the maglev add-on for MSTS. Since then, my experience modeling, the software now available and Trainz functionality, the TRS2006 Maglev will be far superior to any work I've done in the past.

Do you have anyone special that you would like to thank

Yes, several people from the forums have given valuable assistance with various stages of content creation for Trainz. The maglev would not have been possible without their help. It is a system of transport no train simulator has been able to fully support due to some of its design characteristics.

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