STW (Swedish Train Workshops)

Hi, Swedish Train Workshops, Tell us a little bit about your group.

We are 6 members in STW. Mats "emges" Strid, Jan "Janne" K-rrb-ck, Fredrik "Skogen" Skog, Tomas "Chakz0r" Nordenadler, Lars "LLJ" Ljungberg and Kenny "Rc1166" Ericson, all located in Sweden.

Mats and Tomas are mostly producing 3D models. Janne is designing textures and Lars script programming and some 3D models. Fredrik is our web expert and handling the swedish forum and file archive. Last but not least we have Kenny who handles marketing and at the same time try to get us all to work in about the same direction. It's not an easy task because we have many varying projects. I almost forgot that we also have the everpresent quality assurance inspector and test engineer too. Without them we'd have no one to blame when things go awry :)

Our main goal is to create more Trainz content specific to Sweden, locomotives, rolling stock and landscape objects. We try to focus on the historical side of swedish railroads. We think this is a very important dimension as everything change with time. By creating not just a realistic landscape but also the right era will give that important extra touch. If at the same time we learn and spread a little historical knowledge about swedish railroads, all the better.

The electric engines from Sweden are our favourites. All from the experimenting years in the 1910s through the glorious 40s to todays hi-speed trains. Although some members are not quite as enthusiastic about the latter rocket trains:) We have a very long wishlist of things to do and we take decisions together of what we most want to see next.

STW actually started as joint MSTS and Trainz project. However we soon found out the difficulties in making content for both games and now focus only on Trainz. The ease of creating and support of the Trainz community is faboulus and very inspiring to us all.

We decided to also make the website in English as we've found out that there are many enthusiast outside Sweden curious about Swedish railroads too.

Have you produced any content for any previous version of Trainz

Yes, for example the Swedish signals, Swedish catenary, Swedish like track, SJ class Y1, Warehouse small, all included in TRS2004.

What kind of content are you working on for inclusion in "TRS2006"?

Lars is working on a Portal using the new iTrainz feature, called iPortal. More information about this will become available soon ;)

Do any of the members of the group have some actual train driving experience

Tomas is studying to be a engine driver.
Kenny drives trollies at a trolly museum.

Where can a Trainz user go to check out your work?

It is currently under construction, however you can visit our forum here.

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