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Electro Motive Division SD70 Locomotive

Hi, Phil_C, Tell us a little bit about you and World of Trainz.

I am located in Northern New South Wales, in Australia. I have been involved with Trainz since the early days of UTC. I have not expanded World of Trainz into a group as yet as I have not had the need.

Have you produced any content for any previous version of Trainz?

The most recognizable item I created prior to TRS being released was the UTC versions of the EMD SD70MAC. I also created several rolling stock items such as the Sunstate Cement Tanker and the six axle tankers. My latest locomotives which are optimized for TRS2004 include refuelling abilities, start-up and shutdown sequences and working digital gauges.

What kind of content are you working on for inclusion in TRS2006?

The content I submitted for TRS2006 is the EMD SD70 locomotive in Conrail liveries. The locomotive will have full digital displays and the ability to refuel and startup and shutdown.

Why did you decide on making this content? Do you have a particular interest in it?

I decided to create the SD70 as many trainz users requested a spartan cab version of the refueling locomotives. As the SD70 is fairly well known especially with US Trainzers I decided it would be a good item to submit.

What is a current item of third-party content that you think is an example of high quality.

In payware in would have to say the dash-8 by Chris at VMD and Modula City by Roger Cabo's team.

In freeware items I would say anything by Slugsmasher (Rich Blake) or Vulcan (Ian Manion) but there are numerous other items of excellent quality by other creators as well.

What is your favourite Railroad / Loco / Train / Model Scale?

My favourite railroad is the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. I like both the wide cab EMD and GE locomotives. I have numerous items of HO scale but I have also started an O scale collection.

What is your favourite "THING" about TRAINZ?

The customizability of the content.

What is your gaming history? MSTS, Transport or Railroad Tycoon, RPG's, RTS's.

About the only PC games I played before I got the Trainz bug was Alien vs Predator and Doom. Before that I have an Atari ST that had numerous games such as Black Lamp and Eliminator.

Where can a Trainz User go to check out your work?

Any registered Trainz user can download a sample of my work from the DLS. Some cross links are provided from my website at World of Trainz.

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