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Auran is a dynamic company that is always looking for new challenges. With its high calibre of staff, wealth of experience, and tremendous facilities, Auran can offer world class development on games of all sizes, cinematics, music and sound effects, 3D simulations, technology, training and consultancy.

“Some of the technology is more advanced than anything they’re doing at Microsoft or Oracle or anywhere else”
John Riccitiello (CEO of EA)

“Auran did a fantastic job, especially considering the short deadlines
involved. Any concern we might have had about working with a contractor on the other side of the planet quickly vanished as we realized that it was no different than having a graveyard shift at our office.”

Eric Marcoullier (Art Director at Cyberlore)

“Queensland is proud of Auran’s contribution to Australia’s technology

Paul Lucas (Minister for Innovation and Information Economy)

Auran's diverse range of clients include:

Chinese Gamer
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Looking for a publisher in Australia and New Zealand territories for your upcoming title?

We are Australia's newest and most dedicated game publisher. As game developers ourselves, we recognize the importance and difference a great publisher can make. As a developer, you have committed a huge amount of time and effort to make your game - you need a publisher who is going to be equally committed. Someone who understands your game and will market it as though it were their own product.

At Auran, we spend time talking to developers to find out what really makes their game special. We then make sure that this information is passed on to the retail buyers so that they understand these same aspects. This translates into higher sales for your product. Normally titles in Aus-NZ would account for approximately 5-10% of the USA market. We strive to at least double that percentage (which we have done with several titles already). That means for a 100,000 units seller in the USA, we're aiming for 20,000 units or more in Australia and New Zealand.

We offer developers a 50:50 percentage split and truly become your partners in pushing the game as much as possible. If you are interested in forming a partnership for this often forgotten market, please contact Auran via our Helpdesk.

Recently published titles include:

Up and Coming titles include:

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