Medicare is Australia's public health care scheme. Benefits include free treatment as a public (Medicare) patient in a public hospital and free or subsidised treatment by practitioners such as doctors, including specialists, participating optometrists or dentists (specified services only).

Medicare is available to all Australian citizens and anyone who has applied for or has a permanent visa. Australia has a reciprocal agreement with some countries. Residents of the following countries are entitled to restricted access to health cover while in Australia. For more details on what is covered in this agreement, please refer to the Medicare website or call 132 011.

Reciprocal Contries:-
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Republic of Ireland

Private Health Insurance

Australia also has many private health insurers. The cost and type of cover offered varies between the different companies. The following list is a selection of companies which offer health insurance.

Medibank Private Phone: 1800 188 188

HIAA (Broker) Phone: (02) 9699 1448

NIB Phone: 13 14 63

IMAN (for temporary residences) Phone: 1800 22 11 33


HCF Phone: 13 13 34.

Family Care Phone: (07) 3831-1800

Grand United Phone: (07) 3252-3407

I.O.R. Health Benefits Phone: (07) 3229-7366

MBF Phone: 131137

National Mutual Phone: 131243

Q Health Cover Phone: (07) 3221-6444

RediHealth Phone: (07) 3216-1701

Sunhealth Phone: (07) 3252-9718

Affordable Family Cover Phone: (07) 3879-3535