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Epic fleet combat with a wide variety of vessels and specialized units.

One-of-a-kind dynamic universe
multiple solar systems alive with planets, moons, orbits, asteroid belts, debris fields and extraordinary spatial environments.

Two fully developed races
with their own campaigns, unique strategies and technologies.
Unparalleled 3D gaming action
with full freedom of movement in space.

Extensive ordering system
rally points, moveable waypoints,
and smart waypoints that track targets.


Interaction with objects
such as huge asteroids
where mining factories and
secret bases can be built

Explosive multiplayer battles
with up to four players in cooperative
and four players in head-to-head mode.
Campaign editor and tools
complete with the ability to script your own
scenarios, event triggers, campaigns and cut-scenes.*

Capture enemy units
to open new branches in
your research tree.
Visible upgrades
to units as you research
new technology.

Customizable ship logos.

* The campaign editor and tools are features that are not supported by the Strategy First Tech Support staff.