Below are new buildings which have been designed by us for a forthcoming game, however, they are compatible with Dark Reign.

If you'd like to preview or play around with these buildings, go ahead and download them. We have created a Combo Pack that contains many of these new units, buildings, sounds and terrains, so that they are all there in the one download. If you would like to download the Combo Pack, go here.

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If you are having trouble installing the buildings you have downloaded, check out the Hints page for help.

To use these buildings you will need the v1.2 Dark Reign Patch.

**Please note: Dark Reign and the Tactics Engine are owned by Activision, and the documentation, utilites and additional assets on this site are no longer supported by Auran. Please refer to the Tactics Engine manual for further information.

Flamer Pod

Bring on your grunts and we'll have ourselves a barbeque! This li'l darlin' will send them packing. From its tripod stand the dual flash-nozzle array delivers 220 lb per square inch of gel-foam kerosene into the air. The spray area is approximately 16 feet across and within it, core temperatures reach 800 degrees Celsius.


Weapon Bridges

Bridges. Eveybody loves 'em. Build 'em up, knock 'em down. It's a shame your enemy can walk across them. Well now you can keep your foes at bay with the new improved constructor bridge, armed with a handy dual 25mm plasma repeater canon.



Everyone's favourite base defence is now available for construction. You can build small anti-infantry walls or tank stopping heavy walls. Check out the upgraded Heavy Wall with a fully automatic pulse cannon.


Solar Power Plant

The solar power plant is a compact and easily transportable power supply. It is also inexpensive, but has a lower power output per unit than mineral fuel power stations.


Missile Tower

Your base's security will never be compromised again. This compact guardtower is completely automated with it's own Anti-Jam System (A.J.S) so you'll never fire blanks! Four feet of re-inforced concrete protect its inner fittings. Self regulating systems leave no chance of over-heating or reload failure.


Pulse Blaster

The Pulse Blaster is designed to provide high speed suppressing firepower. The computer controlled firing system, combined with the light weight armoured chassis, provides the perfect platform for the high speed auto cannons to deliver their deadly rounds at an extremely rapid rate.