Combo Competition Winners!

The two winners of the Combination Pack Playbalancing Competition are Kylgard and Zenn.

You can download their entries, which, at present, are extensions of the Combo Pack revision 3. You need to extract either one of the zip files into your dark\addon\auran\textpack\files directory, and then run the textpack.bat file in the \addon\auran\textpack directory. This will load the configuration of their entry into your Dark Reign.

When you want to play the other's entry, just extract the zip file over the top of the textpack\files directory, it won't have any side effects.

Changes.txt in each zip archive contains the authors entry in detail.

The Combo Pack will only work with v1.2 of Dark Reign and will not work in conjunction with the Rise of the Shadowhand Expansion Pack.

**Please note: Dark Reign and the Tactics Engine are owned by Activision, and the documentation, utilites and additional assets on this site are no longer supported by Auran. Please refer to the Tactics Engine manual for further information.

Combo 3



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