These are some scenarios we played with during the development of Dark Reign. To install them, run WinZip and extract all of the files into the directory :
dark\scenario\multi where 'dark' is a sub-directory of the directory which contains the game itself.

Make sure you tick the 'Use Folder Names' checkbox to ensure a separate subdirectory for each of the scenarios or they won't work at all...

The scenarios in this pack will then be available for instant action or multiplayer games. Some of the Auran staff have handed over their favourite maps and missions for you guys to use. Many of these missions were used during the playtesting days of development.


4 player mayhem in a claustrophobicly thick rainforest jungle setting. This pack includes the Gore Beast and Biological Control Troops for your pleasure.



A challenge of wits for two players to battle it out in a chilly winter landscape. Keep an eye out for the bonus water resources.



A four player war fest on a desolate winter continent. Plenty of equipment to get you going, but watch out, the enemy is not far away.



North vs South over an important dam in a far off region of the sector. Four waring Freedom Guard sides battle it out in two teams. Careful use of bridges may win the day.



A jungle atoll with precious water surrounding some of the interconnected islands. Try out team play or opt for eight way carnage as you battle it out over bridges and causeways.



A huge barren wilderness. Plenty of ground for you to cover before you may encounter an enemy base. Be wary though, you might be attacked from any direction. Keep those pesky Imperium Recon drones away, you never know where a rift may appear.



A gang of loutish colonists on one of the Alien Hive worlds has refused all factions of the Freedom Guard access to their mines. Two of the FG's most violent rival factions have popped down to a) Kick civilian ASS!, and b) Kick each other's ass. Go to it!