Below is a new side, including units, buildings and sounds we've developed for a forthcoming game.
This side is based on an engine which is compatible with Dark Reign's engine. This means you can use this side in the game.

If you'd like to preview or play around with this side, you're welcome to download it (but please follow the copyright conditions shown on the main Downloads page).

The Dark Reign patch is V1.1here.

The Dark Reign patch is V1.2here.

You will need to download the corresponding patch for whichever terrorist download you choose.

**Please note: Dark Reign and the Tactics Engine are owned by Activision, and the documentation, utilites and additional assets on this site are no longer supported by Auran. Please refer to the Tactics Engine manual for further information.


Behind the lines, the Guerrillas dealt with a group of weapon smuggling Terrorists. Their location so far unknown, the terrorists steal technology from the Corporate Entities, and sell it off to the Guerilla Alliance. Soon, though, deals went sour, and now the terrorists must face both powers in a three-way battle.

Terrorists V1.1

Terrorists V1.2