Below are new sounds which have been designed by us for a forthcoming game, however, they are compatible with Dark Reign.

If you'd like to preview or play around with these sounds, go ahead and download them. We have created a Combo Pack that contains many of these new units, buildings, sounds and terrains, so that they are all there in the one download. If you would like to download the Combo Pack, go here.

Of course, the copyright of these downloads remains with Auran Pty Ltd. This means you must acknowledge our ownership when you use any of these downloads for anything but personal pleasure! (We don't want to come the heavy, but it's the law!) Please read the following information before you download.

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To use these sounds you will need the Dark Reign Patch.

Armoured Walker

The Armoured Walker is a lighter, more mobile version of the Quad Walker - and here are some sounds to match. Its weapons are fast and furious but pack less punch than its four legged ally.


Fan Blade Attack Boat

The Fan Blade lets you take your battle to the water and use that rare H2O for some real butt kicking. You might also want to re-enact scenes from Baywatch using this attack boat, a couple of troops and a real good imagination. Unfortunately, you won’t find soundbites of Pamela Anderson or David Hasselhoff shouting “Man Overboard” in our downloads, but you will find some awesome sound effects and weapon sounds.


Shock Troop Sounds

These guys are young, eager and naïve. They get excited at the sound of battle, and, hopefully, these sounds will get you revved up for your battle too. You’ll hear their ready-to-please responses every time you command them into battle. Poor little mites, they just don’t know what they’re looking forward to . . .


Biological Control Troop Sounds

Let’s get philosophical for a moment: If a tree falls in a forest because it’s been pushed out of the way by a Gore Beast, do you wait around to hear it? Well, if you’re a Biological Control Troop, you sure do. You take it on, and try to take it down. These sounds will give you the effects you’ll need to play around with the Bio Troops to bring them to life - and maybe death.


Vortex Tank Sounds

Grrrr! Ruff! These sounds have bite. Download 'em and then turn them up LOUD. Weapons, select and response and movement sounds give this Vortex Tank extra muscle.


Walker Unit Sounds

What’s a Walker without a deafening weapon sound? Would people run away in horror if the only noise it made was the honk of a bull horn? This sound, along with its select and response sounds, will help you create a truly terrifying machine.


Sonic Thumper Sounds

You'll need big speakers for these ones kids! With a name like Sonic Thumper, this unit has... well... sonically thumpin' sounds. Don't play them too loud though, your pinnas may get whiplash.


Unit Sounds

This download includes updated Gore Beast sounds and a pack of new weapon sounds which you can use for a range of units.


Terrorist Weapon Sounds
(Group 2)

More weapon sounds from the forthcoming Terrorist side.


Terrorist Select and
Response Sounds

These sounds come with extra effects for you aural pleaure.