Below are new terrains which have been designed by us for a forthcoming game, however, they are compatible with Dark Reign.

If you'd like to preview or play around with these terrains, go ahead and download them. We have created a Combo Pack that contains many of these new units, buildings, sounds and terrains, so that they are all there in the one download. If you would like to download the Combo Pack, go here.

Of course, the copyright of these downloads remains with Auran Pty Ltd. This means you must acknowledge Auran's ownership when you use any of these downloads for anything but personal pleasure!

If you are having trouble installing the terrains you have downloaded, check out the Hints page for help.

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The volcanic world is one of constant geological turmoil. Huge lava filled rifts, craters, lava streams and ash plains cover the world. In those areas given respite, fast growing organisms create oases about nutrient rich pools.



The Terrorists have exploited the vastness and inhospitable nature of the Australian outback to provide a secure headquarters. Any offensive army will find two enemies. The harsh environment with its scorching sands, saline waters, harsh outcrops and unforgiving spinifex. And then the terrorists themselves...



Amongst the most inhospitable worlds in the galaxy are the alien hive worlds. Much of the planetary surface is built up with hive matter, both fresh and decayed. To evade the hive aliens, most of the planets' other lifeforms have fled back to the oceans, which now form writhing organic cesspools across large parts of the landscape.



The asteroid tileset is set upon a destroyed asteroid colony or base. Wreckage and craters litter the surface, and huge gaping holes in the superstructure allow only hover and flying vehicles to move over them. The surface, where intact, is made up of large, interconnected metal plates, grates and various access panels and hatches.