Below are new units which have been designed by us for a forthcoming game, however, they are compatible with Dark Reign.

If you'd like to preview or play around with these units, go ahead and download them. We have created a Combo Pack that contains many of these new units, buildings, sounds and terrains, so that they are all there in the one download. If you would like to download the Combo Pack, go here.

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To use these new units you will need the Dark Reign Patch.

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Santa Claus is coming to town. You had better not laugh, better not cry and I'm telling you why 'cause Santa is coming to whup ass.


Armoured Walker

Designed as a support unit, the Armoured Walker can employ terrain masking when still. It has the same basic components as the Quad Walker, but weighs only a third as much, producing a high speed, heavily armoured all terrain unit.


Fan Blade Attack Boat

The Fan-Blade is designed for quick responses to approaching threats in the aquatic arena. Its light weight & powerful electric fan engine gives it fantastic agility over water. The rapid release cannon delivers instantaneous supressing fire to water & land based targets.


Shock Trooper

Shock troops are those biological control troops who are of cadet level, or who cannot meet the biological control troops stringent entry requirements. They do not possess the powerful weapons of the control troops, but are easily a match for any fighting grunt in the cosmos.


Armoured Quad Walker

When the terrain is too treacherous for normal forms of ground transport & aircraft are at high risk, the Armoured Quad Walker, with its nose and shoulder mounted cannons and heavy armour, is an ideal choice for transportation of forces & equipment.


Biological Control Trooper

Biological Control Troops have been developed to combat hazardous alien species. Their weaponry consists of a high velocity implantation of either delayed explosive, or substances critically degenerative to genetic material. The use of such troops against exotic life forms has been frowned upon, given the cruelty of the death inflicted. However, in times of need the biological control troops have also targeted humanoids, with similar deadly efficiency.


Vortex Tank

The Vortex Tank is a mobile implementation of vortex technology. Secondary weapon is three ion pulse cannons, which draw their energy from the vortex generator, providing defense while the vortex attack sequence is in progress.


Sonic Thumper

The latest in anti-infantry weapons. Utilizes two low frequency oscillator cannons, mounted on a mech base. Sophisticated R&D allow it to alternately hypercharge the oscillators, causing a shockwave of pure violence.


Flaming Death Tank

The Flaming Death Tank is a six-legged heavy tank. Although slow, it is extremely powerful and heavily armoured. Its two main weapons are a high intensity flame thrower and a laser minicannon. Advanced sensors allow the detection of opponents at long range.


Gore Beast

The gore beast is omnivorous, tough and fiercely territorial. It attacks primarily with its huge talons. It thinks nothing of tearing open a tank to reach the soft tasty occupants. Gore beasts that are raised in captivity are artificial genetic variants of the native species, they are weaker and more placid in comparison and do not eat their trainers



The Walker is a fast scouting and pursuit vehicle. It is primarily a land based vehicle, but can convert to a slower aerial mode by use of vtol jets and deployment of chassis and leg mounted wings. The vtol jets are also of prime importance in moving at high speed over rough terrain, and are used to reduce the impact of large leaps.


Phase Mine

The phase mine is an autodestruct droid; it hovers to its destination and phases out of sight. Once the enemy is in range it unphases and self destructs. Simple, yet deadly.


Hover Assault Tank

The Hover Assault Tank is a high speed hover tank, capable of carrying three fully battle equipped marines in addition to its two pilots. It has two primary weapons, a high powered ballistic canon, and twin neutron canons. Motive force is provided by two forward propulsion units and the large directional rear hover unit.



The Gunwalker is built for close support. It's heavy double barrel nose cannons and side rocket pods make it quite powerful and it can advance to a conflict area quickly. Its all terrain capabilities are outstanding due to its huge legs & light weight, however it suffers from light armour because of this.



The tick is a light tank that can transform between walking and flying modes. It is fast and nimble.