Hi everyone,

As a gesture of good-will to the Hârn community we initially decided to leave the Hârn site and forum up for your use. However, based on recent feedback from many of you here and requests to move the forum we have decided that it is in everyones best interests that we simply take the site and forum down.

We had considered moving the forum content over to another Hârn community site, unfortunately recent consideration of our legal position regarding our privacy obligations in relation to posts made on our site makes it difficult for us to do this. We cannot just transfer peoples content without their permission and approval and this would be a lengthy process considering the number of posts made. Additionally, there may well be technical problems involved in transferring the posts between different forum software. We therefore have reconsidered our position and decided to take both the Hârn site and forum down as from this coming Monday (25th February). We wish you all well and thank many of you for your support over the period of our involvement with Hârn.


John Banks