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Coming Soon - LMS Coronation Scot

'On the west coast of the United Kingdom, the London and North Eastern Railway was setting the benchmark by racing passengers between London and Newcastle in style and in record time aboard it's streamlined Silver Jubilee service.

To the east, the London Midland and Scottish Railway took note of the global phenomenon and particularly the positive publicity that the LNER's advances attracted.

Aware of the rival's plans to expand on it's success, LMS directors set to work on establishing their own foothold in the new age of high speed rail.'

The Coronation Scot addon pack celebrates the halcyon days of LMS passenger service, recreating the sights and sounds of this remarkable historic train.

  • LMS Princess Coronation locomotives 6220-6224 in Caledonian Railway blue
  • LMS Princess Coronation locomotives 6225-6229 in LMS Crimson
  • LMS Princess Coronation locomotives 6235-6244 in LMS Crimson with double chimney
  • LMS Princess Coronation locomotives 6245-6248 in wartime black with double chimney
  • The full consist of Coronation Scot coaches including BFK to D1961, FK to D1960, RFO to D1902, RK to D1912, TO to D1981 and BTK to D1905.
  • Stanier Period III Carriages in both LMS Crimson and BR Crimson and Cream including BFK to D1910, RK to D1912 and RFO to D1902.
  • Authentically detailed loco cab and rideable passenger interiors.
  • Scripted couplers, steam heat and brake hoses compatible with existing S&C and LMS sets.
  • Scripted loco headcodes.
  • Scripted loco numbers and nameboards.
  • Scripted carriage lights and tail lamps.

Trainz DLC - Duchess Update!

Members who have purchased the LMS Duchess addon are in for a treat as a free upgrade is now available! A host of improvements have been applied to the popular addon, along with extra content as a thankyou for your support.

Many of you will be aware that the Princess Coronation, later "Duchess" Class was a breed of varying faces. As bonus content we've added five class members in LMS livery as they appeared without smoke deflectors; we're sure you'll agree that these locomotives were equally handsome in this guise.

Of course the romance of rail is not just about the locomotives, and for the carriage inclined we've also included a Composite Brake Third of the "porthole" variety, the name owing to the inclusion of circular windows. Built by BR to an LMS design, the "porthole" Brake Third was a common sight in the years following nationalisation and in fact survived well into the BR era.

Represented in BR Crimson/Cream and BR Blue/Grey liveries, we think you'll find these coaches a pleasing addition to the Duchess set.

To take advantage of this free upgrade simply log in to your Planet Auran or Steam account and you'll find the download link in your Order History.

Not a Duchess owner yet? Worry not, these upgrades are now supplied as standard with the Duchess addon pack. Click here to purchase yours today!

  • LMS Duchess locomotives in both LMS Crimson and BR Brunswick Green, plus LMS 6230-6234 as they appeared in the early 'fourties.
  • Stanier Period III Carriages in both LMS Crimson and BR Crimson and Cream comprised of BTK to D1905, TO to D1904 and FK to D1930 plus BR "Porthole" BTK to D2161 in Crimson/Cream and Blue/Grey liveries.
  • Authentically detailed loco cab and rideable passenger interiors.
  • Scripted couplers, steam heat and brake hoses compatible with existing S&C stock.
  • Scripted loco headcodes.
  • Scripted carriage lights and tail lamps.

Agricultural Simulator 2011 - New Release and Add-On!

Agricultural Simulator 2011 Gold Edition
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Agricultural Simulator 2011 Gold Edition

The gold edition contains the original game Agricultural Simulator 2011 and the add-on Biogas.

In Agricultural Simulator 2011 you are in charge of your own farm. Handle the tasks of a classical farmer like cattle breeding and growing grain. Deal with the products of your farm and expand your machinery.
Only $19.99

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Agricultural Simulator 2011 Biogas
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Agricultural Simulator 2011 Biogas
Requires: Agricultural Simulator 2011

The add-on "Biogas" expands the features of the original game by aspects of the green power generation. For that purpose, new expansions, crops and production cycles were added to the original gameplay. Harvest special crops for energy generation and transport these products to the biogas facility. In addition to the energy generation a complete new production cycle of the daily farming live was added.
Only $9.99

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KCS pack
PRR Pack
Mojave Pack
Victorian Railways 'Type 17' I Wagons Pack
CONTZ Pack - Standard Edition
CONTZ Pack - Basic Edition
NW - NS Pack
Mixed Loco Pack
CSX Pack
UP Heritage Pack
UP Pack

Trainz Simulator Mac

Trainz Simulator Mac boxed copies are coming to the Auran store very soon - though the digital download is good to go!

In between developing Trainz Android, Trainz 12, Trainz multiplayer and My First Trainz Set we've been busy developing Trainz for Mac!

Build and operate the railroad of your dreams.

Trainz Simulator Mac includes everything you need to build and operate your own dream railroad. You can build a fun layout in minutes, faithfully recreate a steam railroad from days gone by or develop a fully fledged 100+ mile prototypical route; the choice is yours. Explore routes with other rail fans in Trainz Online Multiplayer!

Drive Steam, Diesel or Electric trains (and even trams, boats and cars)
Play and Interact with other Trainz players from all over the world
Operate a complete working rail line with interactive industries
Build and customize your own living railroad
Share your creations and your passion with other rail fans

High Quality and detailed trees breathe new life into your routes and bring your worlds to life.

Included in the TS Mac Release will be several new routes for you to explore as well as improvements to routes you're all used to. These include:
  • Avery - Drexel
  • CN Holly Subdivision
  • Conrail Lincoln Secondary
  • CSX Saginaw Subdivision
  • Detroit Connecting Railroad
  • Downtown Traction Company
  • ECML Kings Cross - York
  • Harbor Master
  • Port Ogden and Northern

Trainz Simulator 12

N3V Games' latest addition of Trainz Simulator is now available!
Check out this great new video showcasing some of the possibilities of Surveyor:

Main Features
  • Feel what it's like to put your hands on the controls of powerful locomotives as they power through towns, cities and rolling countryside.
  • Design and Build your own railroads with the versatile Surveyor editing tool and access hundreds of thousands of user-create assets from the Trainz Download Station.
  • Share your enthusiasm with other rail fans as your combine your efforts to operate a working rail line in the new Trainz Multiplayer.
  • Zoom all the way out to the altitude of a satellite to see more of your railroad
  • Many new realistic SpeedTree assets to use in your routes.
  • Backward compatible with TS2010 content.

New Routes
  • Balezino - Mosti
    An incredibly detailed fictional route set in the Russia's modern era. This route features electric locomotives and provides an excellent in-cab driving experience.

  • Debrecen - Nyiregyhaza
    A prototypical Hungarian route set in the modern era. This route features both electric and diesel locomotives and provides an excellent in-cab driving experience.

  • ECML Kings Cross - Newcastle
    An improved and extended version of the prototypical British route you know and love from TS2010, set in the 1970s 'blue diesel' era.

  • Mojave Sub Division
    A prototypical US freight route set in the 1990s, including a selection of ATSF and SP diesels such as the GP60M, B40-8W, SD40T and SD45. Over sixty miles of challenging driving through the Californian desert.

  • Municipal Transit Railway
    A fictional North American city with streetcars and an elevated commuter railroad.

  • Norfolk & Western - Appalachian Coal
    A late 1950s route with long coal trains and articulated steam locos and featuring a true icon of North American steam - the N&W Y6b 2-8-8-2.

  • Northeast Corridor - Wilmington To Philadelphia
    Thirty miles of route through dense urban landscape on the premier U.S. passenger mainline, Amtrak's North East Corridor. Set in the modern era.

  • Southern China
    Set in China's modern era, this fictional but stunningly realistic route features diesel locomotives such as the DF7C, ND5, DF11, and DF11G.

Trainz Simulator 12
Trainz Simulator 12

Trainz Simulator 12: The Birth of a Route
The Birth of a Route

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