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1st August, 2008
TRAINZ™ 2009 Launch Plans
Two versions of Trainz coming Nov 2008 and early 2009.

Recognizing the strengths of Auran as developers and the passion and talents of our core community as creators of amazing content, we will be releasing two separate editions of Trainz 2009, each designed for a slightly different audience.

Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition (TS2009) is the core program designed primarily for content creators and route builders and Trainz Simulator 2009: Engineers Edition (TEE) which is designed more for those who enjoy driving and controlling trains. Both editions will be totally compatible so will operate seamlessly when both are installed. More...

Visit the TRAINZ™ Simulator 2009 Website

TrainzDev gathers pace

600 members and growing

Trainz is the home for content creators who are interested in finding out the inner working s of Trainz Simulator 2009 and learning more about the new standards of content that will be possible in the next era of Trainz. TrainzDev includes a wiki that is being continually updated with information on modelling, scripting, user content and much more. There is a new Help wiki which we would like people to update with their favourite hints and tips about how to solve problems or simply how to make better content.

There is also a huge update on the site explaining what is involved in creating content for 2009 and how you can help by downloading and testing the pre-Alpha version. Visit to find out more.
TRAINZ™ Classics 3 update

The best of British

Fans of British steam are enjoying the excellent prototypical work carried out on the Settle-Carlisle route and the new features and improvements in Trainz Classics 3. There are currently some content updates available at and information on installation and patching from TC1&2. We are also putting together a small code and content update which will be released as soon as it has been tested thoroughly.

Buy Trainz Classics 3 from the Auran webstore for just £13.99 plus P&H, or download the digital version (2.1GB) for just £13.99.
CEO Travels

Our CEO, Tony Hilliam recently visited the National Train Show in Anaheim during July and took some happy snaps of Microsoft Train Simulator 2 as well as a number of N-Gauge, HO Scale, O Scale, Z scale and even Lego model train layouts. While your there you can also view his collection of Trainz screenshots.
How much better will Trainz™ 2009 really be?

Catch your first glimpse of what will be possible in the latest version of Trainz™.

Here are 3 images showing how track has evolved in Trainz™ from the early days of 2001 to the latest 2009 version track.

TRS2004 TRS2006 TS2009
Default Track Before 3rd Party Track Before Default Track After
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