Trainz Tools and Utilities

  • Consist Helper
    Makes searching for traincars & building up consists for Driver & Scenarios a snap.

  • Multi Save
    Trainz has a limitation of one savepoint. This can be gotten around by moving files and creating new folders, etc. - this utility automates that process as much as possible.

  • Object Browser for Trainz
    Produced for users and content creators, who would like to manage their objects/models.

  • TrainzMap
    Stand-alone utility for inspecting Trainz layouts and generating layout maps either on paper or as bitmap files.

  • Scenario Editor
    by going to View/Settings and changing one line, it will show your Trainz scripts with the syntax highlighted for you.

  • Decimal & Train Scale Converter

  • Terragen Scenery Generator
    A work-in-progress scenery generator for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 capable of photorealistic results for professional landscape visualisation, special effects, art and recreation

  • Trainz DCC
    Trainz 1.3 made alterations to the way locomotives reacted when in DCC mode. If you prefer the ‘old’ mode, TrainzDCC will quickly make the necessary changes for you, and will let you go back to 'realistic' mode if you don't like the change.

  • Spline Measuring Tools
    A “spline stick” to measure track lengths

  • Basemaps Mk2
    Allows placement of a map or aerial photograph onto a Trainz baseboard.

  • Espresso Nova
    Reskins Paint Shed (PS) models and allows you to create new textures. It is a lot more automated and allows you to also copy in the icon and art files for the PS models.

  • HOG: Trainz Terrain Generation Tool
    A command line utility to create Trainz GND files out of TGA images. Designed to quickly import multi-board DEM data into Trainz.

  • Skycam
    Gives you an overhead view point at the height and location you choose. You can place multiple Skycams on a layout and zoom and pan your view freely. Great for yards and junctions

  • StopGap Scenario
    Program that is designed to allow you to create scenarios from scratch - automates a lot of the typing required when creating a scenario. DO NOT use on scenarios that you have already begun, because when you build the GS file, all your work will disappear.

  • StopGap 2 - Scenario Creation Utility
    StopGap2 will help you to create scenarios for Auran Trainz UTC404, and will hopefully be of use to both seasoned scripters and novices. As well as all the features of the original, there are some new ones, not to mention the ability to use your own custom set of scripting commands via the CodeBlock. All of these features utilise a building block environment, which allows you greater control over the planning of your scenario.

  • StopGap2 - Support Pack
    This is the support pack for StopGap2, the Scenario Creator. It comes supplied with a step by step tutorial on creating a Scenario, as well as a Layout and the various graphics and sounds that are needed.

  • Gage
    Checking clearance of train.

  • Tracking Camera Locator
    A simple Surveyor object, useful to determine good locations for Trainz tracking cameras

  • ART Action for Photoshop
    Custom Action file for Adobe Photoshop 6, designed to help in making art_512 and art_icon files.

  • Curve Tools
    Created by James Houston. Complete set of Curve templates for creating smooth curves in Surveyor. All curves are individual templates and are pivoted in the 9 o'clock position, except the r100 - r300 tool. Available from the Download Station.

  • TrainzObjectz
    Lists all the custom objects which you have installed, tell you the Region, Type, etc. to which each has been allocated and allow you to change them. It will also help you sort out any duplicate KUID numbers, allow you to edit your trainzoptions.txt file, make it easy to change the keyboard shortcuts in Trainz, and see what each object looks like.

  • GCN Timer
    GCN Timer tells you World Times, plus Auran Time. Also it has a scrolling message board for Updates.

  • Junction Master
    Helps you write Scenarios & Scheduling for Trainz.

  • Trainz Engine Editor
    Tool for Trainz that can create engine characteristics from real engine data. By tracing curves by freehand or even over a backdrop graph the data is entered just as it's shown in real graphs. It's also possible to create the data automatically by entering a few parameters.

  • Trainz Map Object Switcher (Beta Version)
    Possible to switch any spline or object in a map: Select a KUID in a map and specify which KUID to replace it with. It can replace all instances of an object in a map with just a click.

  • Scenario Builder
    This program can be used to create and edit Auran Trainz scenarios.

  • CDP Browser
    Drag a single cdp file or a directory folder onto this applet and it will tell you and show you what's inside without having to install it.

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