Trainz makes full use of hardware Transform and Lighting to achieve high frame rates on a PC with high detail settings.

AGP memory is required by Trainz to use the hardware Transform and Lighting (T&L) capabilities of graphics processors.

AGP stands for Advanced Graphics Port and was introduced on PCs to get around limitations of running graphics cards through the PCI bus. In addition to increased data rates, the AGP standard also allows graphics cards to get fast(er) access to the main system RAM for storing large datasets like textures and vertex data. This is called AGP memory.

Without AGP memory, Trainz will require lower detail settings to get similar frame rates (this is fairly dependent on the CPU).

By default, Trainz attempts to allocate 10MB (that's 1048576 bytes) of AGP memory.

To test whether enough AGP memory can be allocated on a computer with a NVidia Geforce 1, 2 or 3, a tool called TestAGP. By default, this tool attempts to allocate 10MB of AGP memory - if it cannot allocate the required amount, it will report how much memory is available.

PLEASE NOTE: This utility does NOT test for AGP memory on the ATI Radeon, however Jet is fully capable of using AGP memory on the ATI Radeon under DirectX. A future version may test for this.

Reasons for lack of AGP memory and possible solutions should be checked in the following order:

Possible Reason Solution
Use of PCI video card instead of an AGP video card Lower detail in Trainz or upgrade the video card
Absent or buggy AGP drivers in Windows Install the latest version of AGP drivers (see AGP DRIVER LINKS below)
AGP Aperture setting too low See description of AGP APERTURE below
Older Motherboard BIOS Update to the latest version - contact you motherboard manufacturer for more details

Warning for advanced computer users only. These options can result in an unstable system:
Enter the computer bios and adjust your AGP Aperture to at least 64Meg.
Upgrade your main board bios to the latest version, see your main board manufacturer for details on how to do this, remember to set the AGP Aperture to at least 64Meg after completing the bios upgrade.
WARNING: These operations should only be undertaken by advanced users!

The AGP aperture setting establishes how much AGP memory is available using the following formula:

AGP aperture = desired AGP memory size * 2 + 12MB

To allocate the default 10MB, the AGP aperture must be set to a minimum of 32MB.

Trainz performance can be optimised by ensuring the AGP controller is installed correctly. Please install your latest main board chipset drivers according to your manufacturer below:

If you are still having problems please fill out and submit a report report via the Technical Support Form and please include information given from the TestAGP utility.

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