Trainz Community Express

Hello Folks,

A rather short Community Express this week, as I'm still getting into the swing of things and we're all very busy right now with the upcoming release of Ultimate Trainz.

Last weekend, Trainz was on display at the AMRA show in Liverpool, Sydney. It was a great success with many community members turning out to lend a hand, show their support and generally have a good time. You can read what some of the forum members thought of the show here. Remember, if you know of any upcoming model train or computer game shows and think that Trainz should be there, drop us a line at

The week in Content Creation has been a good one for American railfans, with previews of a new Switcher from mthomas935, the unstoppable prjindigo continues to churn out his EMD variants, and gumbytrain and realsquash of digitalroundhouse have released their first payware locomotives. For the steamers out there, Prowler901 has posted a preview of his narrow gauge Shay Locomotive, and gregbaker's Eureka 4-4-0 is looking extremely droolworthy!

On the download station this week:

Currently available from Download Station:
Animals 3
Buildings / Structures 669
Layouts 164
Locomotives 683
Miscellaneous 134
Road 86
Rolling Stock 1493
Scenarios 6
Terrain Features 51
Textures 253
Track 192
Trackside Accessories 172
Vehicles 35

The Download Station current hit parade of top five all time downloads are:
1. Sagatukett
[Downloaded: 3069]
2. New River Rail
[Downloaded: 2925]
3. SAR Passenger Station 2 Tracks
[Downloaded: 1978]
4. Razorback Railway
[Downloaded: 1848]
5. HotRod
[Downloaded: 1751]

This Week's Top Five Downloads
1. protractor
[Downloaded: 146]
2. Freight Australia G Class
[Downloaded: 123]
3. Columbus Ltd
[Downloaded: 120]
4. Culvert Road
[Downloaded: 117]
5. Container Crane2
[Downloaded: 111]

The Current Top 5 Uploaderz are:
1. majekear 528
2. Boweavel 227
3. Bossman 225
4. Mike10 142
5. gjvh 113

Our Waffle of the Week today is Anyone got a harpoon? Whilst change-of-loco threads are a tradition on the forums, not-change-of-loco-threads are probably to be avoided and definitely tasty waffle! Also of note on the waffle circuit this week was Andy_N's Forum Idea.

That's the Express until next week. See you all on the forums and on the chat.



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