Trainz ScreenShot Competition

Here are the 10 winners of the Screenshot Competition. We couldn't split the three entries from Rox so we have include all three for your enjoyment.

Congratulations to all those who entered. To view all other entries visit the Screenshots page.















Paint Shed Competition

Demonstrate your Paint Shed skills in this competition.
Competition Guidelines
  1. Limited to rolling stock or locos from Paint Shed or Trainz 1.3
  2. You can import your own custom logos (not locos :)
  3. You can touch up the bitmaps in your favourite paint program
  4. You can create your own template or use the defaults
  5. Original or Prototypical Paint Jobs accepted
For instructions in creating new templates read the Paint Shed Content Creation Guide available from the Content Creation page.

The winners (top 3 in each Division) will be decided by votes on the Download Station.

Entry is automatic when you upload your PaintShed content to the Download Station.

The winners will be decided on September 26 by selecting the three highest rated downloads.

We cannot tell you the prizes at this stage, but will be able to soon (tm) ;)

So, get Painting and voting!

Please note: any unfair manipulation of the vote count will result in disqualification and public humiliation.

Norfolk Southern GP-38 #2921 By:^MuYa^
SD40 CP Rail Flag By:andrev
GP38 Norfolk Southern By:Euphod
Rolling Stock
RBL 0821 By:badtrash
Caboose Burlington Northern 10544 By:majekear
50' XAR Chessie B&O 471445 By:CincySouthernRwy



Enter our latest Trainz competition and you could become a part of something BIG. Using the Entry and Exit baseboards provided, create a layout of up to five baseboards in length and you might find your work becomes one of the building blocks in the Trainzlink program. Simply download the required templates below and read the competition rules, notes and criteria. Then you're on your way. Good Luck

Competition Rules:
Each module must have a stated single purpose. Your module might be a simply a section of the main line, it might be a marshalling yard, or a coal mine, steelworks, whatever, as long as the main line continues through it.

  • Maximum of 5 baseboards, including the entry and exit boards.
  • All junctions must be set for the main line in both directions.
  • The two tracks may diverge and take different paths accross your module, as long as they converge once again at the East Exit.
  • You may blend into, but not replace the textures provided by us at the module extremities.
  • Height of the existing rail sections must not be altered.
  • Maximum grade of 1 in 40 (2.5%).
  • Additional baseboards can be added in an Easterly direction only.
  • Any Custom content must be available from the download station, and included in the layout installer.

Please state the module's single purpose; whether your layout includes electrification; and which side of the tracks you have placed your signals.

Judging Criteria:
Performance on the recommended spec machine; originality; atmosphere; proven ability with Surveyor; compliance with the rules of TrainzLink, and of the competition.

Send your entries to

Competition closes 22nd May 2002.

All winning layouts will be displayed at the National Trainz Show in Florida in July...Plus:

1st Prize:

  • Trainz Collection Pack 1
  • Trainz T-Shirt

2nd Prize:

  • Trainz Collection Pack 1

3rd Prize:

  • Trainz T-Shirt


Trainz Stations

Model a train station/depot from any country or period using gmax and Trainz Asset Creation Studio.

Platform height should be 1.3m in accordance with height of platform people; if you want to model North American style low level platforms they may be of arbitrary height.

  • Maximum 500 polygons.
  • Maximum of 4 sub-materials.
  • Maximum total texture resolution 512 x 512 plus 1 opacity.
  • Models will be judged both on presentation and efficiency.

Competition closes 29th March 2002.

1st Prize:

  • Trainz Retail Release
  • Trainz Paint Shed
  • Trainz T-Shirt

2nd Prize:

  • Trainz Paint Shed
  • Trainz T-Shirt

3rd Prize:

  • Trainz T-Shirt

1st Prize Winner


2nd Prize Winner


3rd Prize Winner




Trainz Spotters Competition!

Trainz is about to hit the shelves and itís time for the next great Trainz competition. This time, itís simple. The first five people to email us a photograph of Trainz on the shelves will win a Trainz T-Shirt signed by the Trainz team. Your photograph should feature the retail boxed version of Trainz in the store along with the name and address of the store at which it was taken. See, simple. Send your entries to Helpdesk.

First Winner!


John found this copy of Trainz at Electronics Boutique in LA.

Second Winner!

Roger List

Roger found his copy at Electronics Boutique in the Park Meadows mall in Denver, CO.

Third Winner!

Doug Waterman

John found this copy of Trainz at Media Play
Appleton, WI.

Fourth Winner!


Sam found this copy of Trainz at Electronics Boutique in The Antelope Valley Mall

Fifth Winner!


Michael Sherman found this copy of Trainz at Harvey Norman in Highpoint Shopping Centre in Australia.

Past Competitions

Show Us Your Layout and Win - Winners Announced!

Now that you have Trainz in your hands, we want to see who is made of the right stuff! If you think you can create a pretty good Trainz layout and you have what it takes to pass the Rob "that's all there is to it" Shaw test, then get your creative juices flowing and show us your layout!

1st Prize

  • The winning layout will be featured in a special Trainz Collection Pack which you will receive once it is released
  • Signed copy of Trainz
  • T-shirt

2nd Prize

  • Signed copy of Trainz
  • T-shirt

3rd Prize

  • T-shirt

The Show us your Layout competition has closed, a winner will be announced on the February 6th 2002...Stay tuned!


  • A layout using four baseboards in any arrangement. Four baseboards is the maximum! 1, 2, 3 also allowed.
  • Limited to one entry per person - no updates or part submissions accepted.
  • No use of customized scenery objects.
  • Customized ground textures are acceptable.
  • Layouts will be judged by the Trainz team - the decision will be final.
  • We encourage layouts to be thoroughly tested prior to submission - please post links on the layout forum along with a description of your layout for others to test.

1st Prize Winner

by Ozzie_Dave (Dave Arrowsmith)



A mixture of many Aussie themes. From the industrial port city on the coast to the alpine scenery of the Great Dividing Range and the farmlands beyond.


2nd Prize Winner

by Sirgibby (Michael Sutton)

A non-prototypical layout "loosely" based on the New Zealand countryside and terrain in the province of Taranaki.  



3rd Prize Winner

Highland Valley
by CeeBee (Chuck Barkman)

The BC Interior "Highland Valley" is a double track mainline with a branchline leaving the valley, gaining elevation to reach several communities and 2 mines.  



Encouragement Award

by Scott Lockett (12 years-old)


Honorable Mentions
(in no particular order)

by Boweavel

by Vongarv

Columbia Comp
by Cafe

by 70000

Oz Trail
by Jetstreamsky

Western RR
by MarshalLaw

by mimic2g

Sunville Valley
by PikkaBird

Tiffany AZ Mine
by Valkyrie

Tinowle Plains
by Leon



Current Competition

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