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Q. Trainz crashes on launch, what can I do?
A.This means that either your video card does not meet the minimum requirements or your video card drivers are not up to date. You can download these drivers from your video card manufacturer. For help on installing video card drivers, click here. Windows XP does not install OpenGL drivers by default.

Also please ensure that you have downloaded and installed DirectXv8.1.

Please also try the following; when the auto run launches, choose configure Trainz, select advanced options, set vertical synch and frequency to AUTO, click ok and start the game.

Check you have the latest Service Pack installed.
Q. What can I do to improve the performance of Trainz on my PC?
  • Make sure your computer system matches or exceeds the minimum specifications on the back of the Trainz box.
  • Download and install the latest drivers for your video card from the manufacturer:
  • Download and install your latest main board chipset drivers according to your manufacturer:
  • If you have installed all the latest drivers and still experience performance issues with Trainz, please visit Advanced Technical Support


    • Using the settings sliders to tune the graphics in Trainz can make a significant difference to performance. Speed improvements of more than 3-4 times can be gained.
    • In surveyor performance when you are not texturing, turn texture passes to one or even zero. Turning down this setting will have a large effect on frame rate in all parts of the game and it's a good place to start if you're after more speed. When texturing, reduce the draw distance.
    • Make layouts one baseboard at a time and merge them later.
    • Rather than populating an entire baseboard with objects, concentrate on areas close to the tracks. The number of objects in a scene has a significant performance hit.
    • Rather than making a 100mile route that takes 3 hours to traverse, make 4 x 25 mile routes and simply drive in sections.
    • Set your resource cache size under the Advanced Options tab in the Trainz Launcher Configure Trainz.
Q. DirectX mode does not work in Trainz.
A.Trainz only uses the new 8.1 DirectX mode in Trainz. If you need to use DirectX you can download DirectX 8.1 from Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com/directx/).
Q. What do the Advanced Options in the Launcher do?
A.Below is a description of all the options that are available to you.

Texture Quality
If you are looking for ways to increase the speed of Trainz on your computer, then you can decrease the Quality of Textures used in the game.

Resource Cache Size
Adjust the amount of system memory dedicated to caching. Higher values decrease disk usage during the game, but require the computer to have more system ram. If the computer has insufficient ram, performance may suffer as a result of increasing the resource cache size.

Disable Environment Map
Disable reflections and Environment Maps in order to increase Trainz framerate.

Fix Geforce3 Textures
In Version of the Geforce3 drivers, mixing software and hardware lighting sometimes resulted in a funky landscape. This will overcome the problem if you have that version.

Ground Polygon Offset
If you see black artifacts when running Trainz on my ATI video card, then enable this option.

Vertical Sync
Allows you to set the Vertical Sync for your Monitor. Changing this setting can help reduce the appearance of "jerkiness" on some computers. Some video drivers may have options which override this setting on a system-wide basis.

Allows you to select the refresh frequency for your monitor. Some monitors will not display certain frequencies. 72 is a good setting for most monitors.

Disable Hardware T&L
Uses System Memory instead of AGP to render Vertex Buffers. Use if you are having problems with your AGP card.

This option can enable and disable the Shadow System in Trainz. Only use if you have a powerful system.

Vertex Offset
Some video cards may require you to change this setting in order for the fonts to appear crisp, the correct setting varies depending on your video card and drivers. This slider has no effect on OpenGL.

Q. Who do I contact for Support?
A.North American/Australasian retail release version of Trainz is handled by Strategy First. Please contact them at this email address: support@strategyfirst.com Scandinavia is handled by Panvision, please use this email: info@panvision.com Remainder of Europe is handled by Arxel Tribe, contact them using this email: hotline@arxeltribe.com. If you bought Trainz online then contact us, your friendly developers, at http://www.auran.com/trainz/techsubform_f.php
Q. What version have I got?
A.On startup of Trainz you should read the version number below the loading bar. If you have UTC this version is displayed to the lower right.

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