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Q. How do I know if my RailDriver is working properly?
A.In its normal state RailDriver displays "RD" in the LED window on the controller

Start RailDriver Manager and select "Dash9" in the selection box, click the "Play" button to launch MSTS, the display in RailDrivers window will change to "run" which will flash.

When in MSTS, go to Explore Route in the default Dash9. When you have the Cabview on screen, press the RailDriver Run/Stop button on the bottom left of the units blue button rows.

The "Run" in the window will momentarily display "---" and then "0" or whatever speed the train is doing (unless you have it configured differently).

Launch Trainz and start Trainz Driver.

As soon as you are in game, the RailDriver will display a "0" or whatever speed the train is doing at the time.
Q. Graphics Card Settings
A.Right click on an empty area of the desktop in windows. Select "Properties"

Click the Settings Tab and click the Advanced button on the settings window

You will see a tab in the Advanced Settings that will be the same name as your graphics card OR a tab that says "Direct3d"

You need to turn off "Anti aliasing" "Anisotropic filtering" and if you have an ATI Card "Alternate Pixel Centering".
Q. Task Bars
A.Some software companies use taskbars on the desktop, this causes the pixels to be displaced to one side by 2-6 pixels, depending on the taskbar size.

Taskbars such as ATI, MS Office, Creative sound etc, should all be closed (not hidden) before using RailDriver.

The windows taskbar is OK provided it is in its default position at the bottom of the screen.

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