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Q. How to run RailDriver with Trainz
  1. Please read the link on how to install the Trainz RailDriver drivers.

  2. Follow the instructions and download and install the drivers.

  3. Launch Trainz Driver and once you have the train loaded the RailDriver controller should show "0" in the window – this means it is ready to run.

  4. If RailDriver does not run- please carry out the following steps:

    1. Copy the file: Program files\PI Engineering\Raildriver\Controller\ ModernCalibration.rdm and paste it into: Program files\Auran\Trainz

    2. Go to RailDriver Cabmaker and load the file "TrainzModern.rdf", save the file in Cabmaker and then go to the file menu and click "Apply to Trainz"

    3. Repeat step 3 above- you do not need to have RailDriver Manager running to use the unit in Trainz

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