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My Collection:
  • A full 3D engine shed where you can view your Trainz collection
    Pan, zoom or rotate around any of your personal collection of stunning, true to life Locomotives and Rolling Stock
  • Broaden your collection with add-on packs containing a wide variety of Locomotives and accessories from around the world
  • Plan, create and edit entire layouts and maps with intuitive, user-friendly tools
  • Form terrain quickly and simply, place trackside objects, trees, buildings and even lay flexible track, bridges and tunnels
  • Craft tracks in a variety of geographic locations including the busy East or West Coast USA, picturesque English countryside or even the harsh endless plains of the Australian outback
  • Place trackside cameras capturing stunning views of your favorite contents/locos as they thunder around your layout
  • Download layouts created by other Trainz fans and merge them with your own creations

  • Create the consist of your choice from your collection of contents/locos and rolling stock
  • Choose to drive on official Trainz layouts or those you have created in Surveyor
  • Enjoy a full 3D real-time environment and set effects including weather, time of day and even use a 'fast' clock
  • Control multiple contents/locos on the one layout by switching from cab to cab
  • Choose from the engineer's view and use the 3D in-cab controls, or train-spotter view and use the virtual DCC controller
  • Experience accurately modelled train physics
  • Listen to the realistic sounds, including engines starting up, the clickity-clack of the rails, and a huge variety of ambient world noises





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