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Key Features:


  • Over 130 locos, passenger cars, freight wagons, tank cars and cabooses
  • Dynamically assemble consists, choose from a variety of routes and customise your Driver sessions
  • Choose from simple or realistic control methods and decide on weather patterns and timescale
  • Full 3D cab, multiple interior viewpoints and pannable cameras
  • Save, Load and Preset functions
  • Map View option for top down view for controlling multiple consists and changing junctions
  • Two different autopilot modes make for challenging railroad operations
  • Utilise working turntables and railroad crossings and even operate docks or airports

  • Create your own routes or edit the existing routes from North America, Continental Europe, the United Kingdom or Australia
  • Sculpt your own terrain or instantly import grayscale images
  • Texture your world and choose from over 1,000 different scenery and trackside objects
  • Lay tracks, junctions, signals, fences and power lines
  • Build roads with traffic, place animated industries and set up atmospheric lighting
  • Place tracking and static cameras in your world
  • Choose either real or your favorite modeling scale
  • Share and merge your creations with your friends (file size starts at 200KB)

  • A wide variety of real world work orders to complete as best you can
  • Choose Simple or Cabin mode controls
  • Script your own scenarios using the powerful TrainzScript programming language
  • Control signals, junctions, spawn and delete consists and add cinematographic touches

RailDriver Support:

  • Ultimate Trainz Collection offers full support for RailDriver Train Cab Controls. Drive your train with realistic hardware: throttle, reverser, and brake levers; horn, bell, headlight, and sander switches;and 34 programmable buttons. Driving your trains has never been closer to climbing into a real cab. Visit the RailDriver product page for more information.

Additions and Improvements From Version 1.3

Driver / My Collection

  • 'Favorites' selection added for My Collection and Driver
  • Dual Cab support
  • Multiple in-cab cameras
  • New external cab camera views
  • Change junction hotkey
  • Select consist hotkey
  • Change car focus hotkey
  • End-of-track buffer physics added
  • Horn, Pantograph and Lights can be operated in My Collection
  • Horn controllable on AI trains
  • Imperial or Metric Surveyor default settings used in Driver
  • New "load saved game" button on main menu
  • New Presets to load consists, settings and terrain with one click
  • Variable tunnel camera positions
  • Movable tunnel camera
  • Improved locomotive performance physics
  • Improved rolling stock resistance equations
  • Signalling and trackwork improvements to original layouts
  • New keyboard shortcuts

  • "All Regions" sort option added to Surveyor for easier object sorting
  • Info boxes increased in size for more text
  • Particle Effects slider added to performance settings
  • Increased texture limit to ~252
  • Compass movement improved (slight pause before moving)
  • Trackside cameras now easier and more accurate to position
  • Display cursor x,y location
  • Improved copy/paste function in Surveyor
  • Added ctrl key modifier to select whole area or baseboard
  • Hotkey in advanced menu works if menu not open
  • Option added to keep title bar visible
  • Ruler text improved
  • Added hot key info to tool tips
  • Fixed get curve function
  • Join height of merge maps now fixed
  • See through ground texture fixed
  • Can't name duplicate trackmarks
  • Cars driver on correct side for region
  • Mini-map loads dynamically to speed up loading times
  • New keyboard shortcuts

  • New interface appearance
  • Particle Effects slider added to performance settings
  • Mini-map zoom limits increased
  • Mini-map scroll speed increased
  • Mini-Map signalling display improved
  • Mini-maps scrolling keys added
  • New Save/Don't Save dialogues on exit
  • Sound fixes
  • Improved object lighting.
  • Keyboard settings file added
  • Added caching for dispatcher folder
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