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People are talking about Trainz everywhere! Check out some of the reviews.

Editor's Choice Award - 9.0/10
GameZone, October 2002

Editor's Choice Award - 9.1 /10 "the trains and environments are so realistic you can imagine yourself as a real engineer in a real train", "It is perfectly executed with style and sophistication that I didn't expect and with the huge community support, this is one game that will remain active on your computer for years to come." Game Chronicles Magazine, February 2003

Editor's Choice Award - 9.0/10 "Auran and Strategy First have outdone themselves this time, and that is an understatement to say the least." "Outstanding Attention to Detail" Gaming Excellence, February 2002

10/10 GameVortex, December 2002

"Auran has fulfilled the dream of every train enthusiast", "Ever wanted to strap yourself into the engineer's seat? This will probably be about as close as you'll ever get to the real thing." Gamesfirst, April 2003

5/5 stars Game of the week
"Vastly superior to competitors such as Microsoft's Train Simulator, Trainz will be keeping railroad enthusiasts busy for years to come. - James Cottee, The Age, September 2002

As a truly outstanding product Simworld has awarded Trainz UTC with the "Golden German Railroad Wings" for the "Most innovative railroad simulation product" on the market today! Simulatorworld, January 2003

"The latest and greatest of these sims is Ultimate Trainz Collection, which surpasses its predecessors for sound, graphics and playability." Forbes, March 2003

Silver Award, Simulation: Best of the Year - "Auran's superb train simulation" The Wargamer's 2002 Awards, March 2003

"Brilliant Realism" "The options for customising your locomotive, environment and game playing experience are immense" ManchesterOnline, March 2003

83/100 PC Powerplay, March 2003

5/5 stars "Off the rails" Sydney Morning Herald, Icon, September 2002

4.5/5 "Powerful, easy to use, and loaded with potential, it could become the flagship computer title for train enthusiasts."
Gamesdomain Review, February 2002

Ultimate Trainz Collection Screenshots feature in the AGDC (Australian Game Developer Conference) article. PC Gamezone, March 2003

Ultimate Trainz Collection Screenshots feature in game development article. Australian Developer, March 2003

:(Norwegian review), February 2003

Ultimate Trainz Collection features in the Janvier edition of MICRO SIMULATEUR. MICRO SIMULATEUR January 2003

85/100 "Trainz is better – a lot better", "Probably the best model train simulator ever" -Gaming Invasion, August 2002

"It's always a pleasure when I get to describe a new concept in PC gaming to readers. And Trainz is nothing short of that." SL Central, April 2002

"It's all about hi-poly trains running in an expansive, detailed, rich, colorful and open environment that's as realistic as can be." Zen Gamer, April 2002

"...being able to drive a train through a virtual world you've created is pretty cool and adds a welcome dimension to sim games." Extended Play, April 2002

"Everything is crisp and clean regardless of the camera angle you look at the game with." Gamitopia, April 2002

"With Trainz, you can create the virtual model railroad of your dreams, easily expressing your creativity and indulging your imagination." Gamespot, March 2002

"I was blown away with the detail of the engines and carriages, not to mention the environment."
Gamepen, March 2002

"Auran and Strategy First have done an amazing job transferring the little trains I grew up with to the computer screen, and I for one will be spending an enormous amount of time watching and controlling them." Gamevortex, March 2002

"...build the train of your dreams and climb aboard." Game Raiders, March 2002

"Players can pretty much jump right in and begin creating layouts the first time they run the surveyor." The Gamers' Temple, March 2002

"You'll be amazed at how the time flies while you've been trying to put a tremendous amount of detail into one small section." Gone Gold, March 2002

"Trainz represents the beginning of a virtual railroading hobby." The Wargamer, March 2002

"Powerful, easy to use, and loaded with potential, it could become the flagship computer title for train enthusiasts." Gamesdomain Review, February 2002

"...it is a realistic train simulator with a lot of nice features that true railroad fans shouldn’t be without." Game Zone Online, February 2002

"It’s hard to imagine how operating a model train with a mouse and keyboard shortcuts could be crafted any better." Adrenaline Vault, February 2002

"With so many engines, trains, objects, and features, all that you could ask for in model railroad design is here." GameGenie.com, February 2002

Media and Games Online Network: "Trainz is not a game that will land on your shelf gathering dust a few weeks after release." February 2002

Interview with Auran. UnderGroundOnline, February 2002

"Gamers will be able to get the same sense of satisfaction from Trainz that model railroaders do when they design their track layouts." The Gamers' Temple, January 2002

"The thing that makes Trainz so special is its visual engine, which leaves an impression of a high-quality simulation." Action Trip, January 2002

Interview with Auran. Gaming Excellence.com, December 2001

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