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Tavy Viaduct Updated
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Created by: marky7890
Date: 19th August 2011
Version: Trainz Classics 1 & 2
KUID: <KUID:179051:102104>

This is a modified version of Bendorsey's Tavy Viaduct 1, Thanks goes to him for allowing me to modify his version and released this version.
This version includeds different textures, and the is the metal work between the metal arches is closer to the real thing.

Original description:
This 2-track span is based on the Tavy Viaduct crossing the River Tavy just before
it joins the River Tamar on the Devon/Cornwall border.This version is on a 2400 ft radius curve and
most closely resembles the actual span. Today it only carries a single track (and yes - its really
painted half in primer and half in the finish color).

Contributors (Dependencies):
  • vendel
  • Mike10
  • rumour3