CHN SS9G Electric Locomotive
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SS9(improved) electric locomotive is the last generation of main line passenger DC electric locomotive in China. In order to make preparation for the fifth widely speedup of China Railway, in year 2002, SS9(improved) was begun to develop based on SS9(original) electric locomotive. During development, Pininfarina, known as one of the best sport car designer, has got involved to design streamlined appearance for the locomotive. The improved SS9 has similar appearance with SBB Re460 electric locomotive which was also designed by Pininfarina. The first improved SS9 is numbered to 44, which is inherited SS9(original)'s serial number. Since then, original type stopped production.

SS9(improved) electric locomotive is manufactured by Zhuzhou Locomotive&Rolling Stock Works and it belongs to Shao Shan(named from Shao Mount, Mao Zedong's hometown) series DC electric locomotives. With 2.5 KV power, it runs 170km/h the maximum speed. Today the whole SS9 series have no longer produced, it's waiting for phasing out and will be replacing by whole new HXD series AC locomotive, the 'Shao Shan Era' is being history.