FGW Class 43 Visit Plymouth
Type: Locomotives
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Created by: marky7890
Date: 11th December 2015
Version: TS12
KUID: <KUID:179051:100222>

FGW Class 43 in Visit Plymouth livery, carried by 43163:

When running single car light engine in reverse from the blunt end- in cab view press ] three times and this will change the cab view to the end door, the driver HUD controls can then be used to drive in this direction.

Original work by Auran, reworked by tmz06003 and reskinned by DavidBrown and Marky7890 with permission from tmz06003 & DavidBrown. Meshes altered by tmz06003 from his original GNER release to account for different positioning of the loco ID numbers. This asset features a scripted driver and directional lighting. When running light engine a battery lamp will attach to the rear showing a white or flashing red light as appropriate.