GWR Green Class 57
Type: Locomotives
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File Size: 979.32 kb
File Type: .cdp
Created by: marky7890
Date: 17th December 2017
Version: TS12
KUID: <KUID:179051:100187>

Class 57 in Great Western Railway Green livery. Only running numbers set to 57602, 57603 and 57605 will display Nameplates.

Mesh alterations by Russell White (47) and tmz06003 (57), textures by Marky7890 and tmz06003, scripting by tmz06003. The model is based on an original mesh made freely available by Tom Green (Tommylommykins). Thanks are due to many, including Tom for his permission to release this model,Russell White, eldavo, tmz06003 and the many skilled creators who have shared their modelling and scripting knowledge with the community over the years.