Download Station FAQ

The Trainz series of simulation products allow anyone's imagination to create and share with other members of the trainz Community.

The Trainz Download Station provides a means for anyone to share their creations with FREE uploading of their files for others to download.

How do I access the Download Station?

You can access the Download Station when you have registered a serial number with your Planet Auran profile for a supported versions of Trainz (Not required for Mac Store Products) or have an active First Class Ticket.

Due to the steadily growing Trainz community combined with the enormous amount of custom content available, the download servers bandwidth and number of connections are caped which means we cannot always guarantee immediate access to download content. With the First Class Ticket premium access service, you will receive priority access along with improved speed and removal of download limits.

What is a First Class Ticket?

In order to maintain a quality service, we offer a "First Class Ticket" service - a premium access service for access to the Download Station.

First Class Ticket accounts will receive priority access, as well as faster download times.

The fees for establishing a First Class Ticket account are as follows:

What Trainz content can I download?

As long as you have your serial registered with Planet Auran (not required for Mac Store Purchases) you may download any content available up to and including the version of Trainz that you own.